Who built the Long Island Expressway?

Robert Moses
The long answer: The construction of the Long Island Expressway began in 1939 in Long Island City, Queens. Over the next three decades, it extended deep into Suffolk County, reaching its last exit, 73, in 1972. Most of the expressway’s construction was supervised by New York’s master builder Robert Moses.

How long is the Clearview Expressway?

9.79 mi
Interstate 295/Length

What was and is the name of the highway that connected Long Island to New York City?

I-495 is better known by New Yorkers as the Long Island Expressway, which is often abbreviated as LIE. The LIE was constructed in stages starting in 1939, when the Queens Midtown Tunnel was built, until 1972, when its Riverhead terminus was finished.

What year was the Clearview Expressway built?

1957 to 1963
Constructed from 1957 to 1963, the Clearview Expressway (I-295) connects the Throgs Neck Bridge with the major east-west thoroughfares of Queens and Long Island.

What is the longest road on Long Island?

Montauk Highway
Montauk Highway in the southernmost major east/west route in Suffolk County. It is also the longest named road on Long Island, running almost the entire length of Suffolk from Copiague to Montauk.

How many lanes is the lie?

The portion of the LIE in between is referenced as New York Route 495. The Long Island Expressway between the BQE and Van Wyck Expressway was constructed with six overall lanes without Interstate Construction (IC) funding.

When was the Cross Bronx Expressway finished?

The final link of the Cross Bronx Expressway was completed in 1963, some 15 years after construction began, at a cost of $140 million. One year later, the complex interchange with the Major Deegan Expressway was completed.

What exit is the Clearview Expressway on the lie?

Westbound Exits

Exit Destination
27N Clearview Expressway (I-295) – North
25 Utopia Parkway 164 Street
24 Kissena Boulevard
23 Main Street

How many miles is the lie?

71.02 mi
Interstate 495/Length

What exit is the Clearview Expressway off of the lie?

When was the Cross Bronx Expressway built?

Cross Bronx Expressway/Constructed