Who are the wrong people shorting AMRN stock?

$AMRN I keep telling Marjac and amrn management, they are suing the wrong people. Keep suing and what do you get??? The stock needs a private investigator to collect evidence who is shorting amrn, untill that stops you can win scotus but the sp will move lower because you need to correct the problem at the source.

Is the coverage on Amarin stock good or bad?

The coverage on Amarin is horrible and one has to really dig to find valuable info. It’s the kind of stock you have to follow closely but at the same time have patience with. I’ve learned to sell some shares on increases even when I think the shares are going much higher.

How many people are watching AMRS on StockTwits?

$DPLS about 6,000 new people watching on Stocktwits alone in the last week. I love the energy!! This is most likely my investment of the year!! Last year it was $RIOT, $NIO and $AMRS globenewswire.com/news-rele…

What is the stock price of NRZ new residential investment Corp?

NewResidentialInvestment $NRZ BidaskScore is Downgraded to StronglySold bidaskclub.com/news/company… $NRZ decent recovery tracing at least.

What are the products of Neovasc, Inc.?

The company develops, manufactures and markets products for the rapidly growing cardiovascular marketplace. Its products include the Tiara for the transcatheter treatment of mitral valve disease and the Neovasc Reducer for the treatment of refractory angina. Neovasc is developing the Tiara for the treatment of mitral valve disease.

Is there a supply problem for AMRN drugs?

Market shares are shown in the inserted pie charts as either a two-way, or a three-way split. It looks like there remains a supply problem for GV with double digit declines across the board. GV Market share below 10% in either scenario. More to follow….. $AMRN Only 2 CVD drugs are expected to do $1b by 2024 really? REALLY?