Who are the actors in the TV show Family Guy?

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How old is Stewie Griffin from Family Guy?

Stewart Gilligan “Stewie” Griffin (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is the Griffin’s 1-year-old child, but often behaves in adult ways such as speaking in an upper-class British dialect. He is a child genius who frequently aspired to murder his mother Lois and take over the world but has since mellowed out considerably.

What was Peter Griffin’s legal first name on Family Guy?

Peter Griffin. He has several jobs, which have included working at the Happy Go Lucky Toy Factory, a fisherman, and currently as a shipping clerk at the Pawtucket Brewery. It is discovered that his legal first name is Justin, in the season 13 episode ” Quagmire’s Mom “.

Who is Patrick Pewterschmidt in Family Guy?

Patrick Pewterschmidt (voiced by Robert Downey Jr. in the first appearance, Oliver Vaquer in the second appearance) โ€“ The older brother of Lois and Carol and the maternal uncle of Meg, Chris, and Stewie, and Peter’s brother-in-law.

Who is the voice of Peter from Family Guy?

MacFarlane drew inspiration for the voice of Peter from a security guard he overheard talking while attending the Rhode Island School of Design. Stewie’s voice was based on the voice of English actor Rex Harrison, especially his performance in the 1964 musical drama film My Fair Lady.

Who is the voice of quagmire in Family Guy?

That movie was made by the show’s creator (and Quagmire’s voice actor) Seth MacFarlane. See more ยป Peter Griffin : All right, you ready to watch “Rocky IV”?

Who is the voice of Chris Griffin on Family Guy?

Seth Green provides the voice of Chris Griffin. Mike Henry voices various characters in the series. Mila Kunis provides the voice of Meg Griffin. Alex Borstein provides the voice of Lois Griffin.

Who is the Evil Monkey on Family Guy?

Go Dad!” In a running gag, Chris is regularly tormented by an evil monkey who lives in his closet but they cleared there differences shortly before the monkey moved to Jake Tucker ‘s closet in ” Hannah Banana “. In ” Emission Impossible “, it is revealed that Chris was born as an accident, due to a broken condom.

Who is the voice of death on Family Guy?

Mike Henry. Norm Macdonald voiced the character of Death in a second season episode of Family Guy. He was subsequently replaced by Adam Carolla in all other appearances. Jon Cryer originally voiced Kevin Swanson in his first appearance, before the role was passed temporarily onto Seth MacFarlane.