Which is the latest Spectra camera from Pelco?

Pelco’s New Spectra Enhanced 7 PTZ IP Cameras are the latest product evolution in the legacy Spectra family providing fast and accurate pan and tilt, 30X optical zoom, up to 4K 30 FPS video, with next generation SureVision and AI-powered advanced analytics.

What kind of camera is Spectra IV se?

The Spectra IV SE Series delivers unmatched video quality and performance. Available in either the 29x or 36x models, Spectra IV SE is specifically designed to meet the stringent video security requirements of city surveillance, industrial, marine, transportation, and casino applications.

Which is pressurized dome system does Pelco use?

The Spectra IV SE Series Pressurized dome system provides ultimate protection of the camera optics and electronics from moisture, corrosive gases, and airborne contaminants. Domes are easily pressurized with dry nitrogen to 8 psig (55 kPa) before or after installation to stabilize the environment inside the system.

What do you need to know about spectra Pro cameras?

The Spectra Pro Series is easy to order, easy to install and ready to get you focused on what matters most in your organization. Pelco’s Spectra Professional Dome Cameras are ideally suited for commercial, corrections, safe cities, healthcare, and education industries.

When to use Pelco P address or D address?

Addressing a camera is how we determine when we wish to control a specific addressed camera and not all cameras at the same time. Pelco PTZ addressing assignment is according to the protocol type (P or D) being used. Address switch settings must align with protocol type. example: Pelco P Address 2 or Pelco D Address 1.

Can a 3rd party manufacturer support Pelco C?

It is rare for a 3rd party manufacturer to support Pelco C. There are two types of Pelco C protocol. It is recommended to use Pelco C protocol with 32Bit/EXTENDED Coaxitron setting for the Spectra or Esprit series. Spectra III or IV series feature Auto-sensing Protocol.

What kind of signal do Pelco PTZ cameras need?

Pelco PTZ cameras require RS422 signal from the controlling system. It is recommended to consult with the 3rd party product information, or to contact the manufacturer’s technical support for additional information pertaining to available programming or restrictions.