Which is the best Islamic Bank in Dubai?

The Dubai Islamic Internet Banking is a secure, easy to use service that allows you to access your DIBPL’s Current, Savings and Fixed Deposit accounts from anywhere in the world, at any time that suits you. You are given the power to carry out a wide range of banking transactions without needing to go to your branch.

How does mobile banking work in Dubai Islamic Bank?

Dubai Islamic Mobile Banking is built to be easy to use. It is highly accessible and has been designed with the widest range of customers in mind. The powerful features allow you to conduct virtually all of your day-to-day banking requirements; when you want and where you want. Enter your alphanumeric password for authentication.

Which is the first Islamic Bank in the world?

Dubai Islamic Bank has a unique distinction of being the world first Islamic bank, a pioneering institution that has combined the best of traditional Islamic values with the technology and innovation that characterize the best of modern banking. Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited (DIBPL), commenced operations in 2006.

How to get phone number of Islamic Bank?

Enter your alphanumeric password for authentication. A Few random characters of the password need to be entered instead of the whole password string. Call our Phone Banking at 111-786-342 (DIB) from your registered phone number and request for the unblocking of your access.

Where do I enter my TPIN in Dubai Islamic Bank?

Enter your TPIN and click ‘Confirm’ button. Select the “My Funds Transfer” from the Main Menu. Click the “Edit Debit Limits” option. Enter your TPIN and click ‘Confirm’ button to execute the transaction. Select “My Payorders” from the Main Menu. Click “Create Pay Order/DD” option.

Which is the fastest growing Islamic Bank in Pakistan?

The Bank as one of the fastest growing Islamic Banks in Pakistan continues to reaffirm its long-term commitment by aggressively expanding its footprint nationwide in its endeavor of providing The better way to bank!

Branch Details Branch Telephone Fax City Main Branch (Deira) 042959999 042117187 Dubai Business Bay 043805363 043389133 Dubai Al Souq 042233300 042215113 Dubai Shaikh Zayed Road 044051701 043211119 Dubai

Who is the parent company of Dubai Islamic Bank?

Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited (DIBPL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dubai Islamic Bank UAE (DIB). The parent company DIB is a listed company in Dubai. The Bank has maintained its position as an innovative solution provider to all the financial needs of its customers, in accordance to Shari’a.