Which is the best definition of the word egregious?

Definition of egregious 1 : conspicuous especially : conspicuously bad : flagrant egregious errors egregious padding of the evidence — Christopher Hitchens 2 archaic : distinguished Other Words from egregious Synonyms Did you know?

Which is an example of an egregious act?

Perhaps one of the most egregious examples is the abuse of civil asset forfeiture laws. They are both complicit in this, though my mother is the more egregious offender.

Which is an example of an egregious slip?

But it is unfortunate that the very last sentence is marred by an egregious slip. In this infant both coronary arteries lacked their normal proximal connection with the aorta, perhaps the most egregious form of this prejudicial coronary circulation. The second example is more egregious because it involves a clear misconstrual.

Which is the best example of an egregious error?

Every year there are egregious examples of politicians and commentators who believe if they repeat some non-fact over and over, it becomes true. An astute reader pointed out that the prosecution appears to have made an egregious error in the trial.

Which is an example of an egregious case?

This issue was addressed by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 2003 case in which a terrible car crash left an innocent man dead, and another permanently disabled.

Is there such thing as an egregious act?

Because society’s ideas on morality, questions of right and wrong may become blurry. However, an egregious act is something that is so glaringly wrong, that there can be no question that it is reprehensible.

How did Thomas Hobbes use the word egregious?

That’s how English philosopher and theorist Thomas Hobbes used it in flattering a colleague when he remarked, “I am not so egregious a mathematician as you are.” Since Hobbes’ day, however, the meaning of the word has become noticeably less complimentary, possibly as a result of ironic use of its original sense.