Where to find Vincent Valentine in Final Fantasy VII?

Dial (4) is (Right 97) Now to find each of the individual clues: The lid of the box with the most oxygen This clue can be found by examining the empty treasure chest on the second floor that contained the Enemy Launcher weapon for Barret.

How to stop Vincent in Final Fantasy 7?

It uses multiple elemental attacks including Bolt, Fire, and Quake. However, Bolt does work well against it. The key to this battle is to use ChocoMog. It’s vulnerable to Stop but it may take a few attacks to stop it. After this battle you’ll get the key to the basement (don’t forget to pick up the Odin materia).

Where are the final quests in Final Fantasy VII?

Head to Kalm to complete some of the final quests in Final Fantasy VII. Guide to defeating the second hardest encounter in the game. Guide to defeating the hardest encounter in the game.

Who are the secret characters in Final Fantasy VII?

Yuffie and Vincent are the only two secret optional characters available in the game. Tweet to @Jeggedcom

Where do you find Vincent in Shinra Mansion?

Vincent is a secret character that you can obtain from a small side quest in the Shinra Mansion. The quest involves discovering the combination to the vault on the second floor and it can be done the first time you reach Nibelheim(but not during the flashback scene with Sephiroth that occurs in Kalm).

Where is the coffin in Final Fantasy VII?

Part way along the pathway to the library is a wooden doorway at the top of the screen (shown in the screenshot below). Proceed through the doorway which is now automatically open and examine the coffin at the back of the room. Choose to “talk about Sephiroth” when presented with the option.

How to make a digger in Final Fantasy 7?

– First, talk to the man sitting just outside of the rib-cage room. Pick the first option twice*. The screen will fade out. – When the screen fades back in, all the men will be gone. What you do is choose a place where you want a digger to stand and press the S button. It costs 100 gil to place a digger.