Where is the treasure on Tulum?

The treasure is buried in Tulum. To the south of the bottom beauty spot, there is the tree shown in the screenshot. The treasure is at the foot of the tree.

Where is buried treasure Black Flag?

Dry Tortuga
The treasure itself is found on Dry Tortuga (333,650). It’s right along the shore. The chest is right by the Mayan Stela on the extreme East side of Matanzas. The buried chest has the plans for the Elite Mortar Storage and 3,000 Reales.

How do you get to the Mayan outfit in Tulum?

Activate Eagle Vision and then simply align the shapes with the landscape to reveal the location of a Mayan Stone. From there, jump down and dig out the Mayan Stone. You’ll need to collect 16 Mayan Stones in order to unlock the Mayan Outfit that is hidden in Tulum.

Where is the treasure in Principe?

The treasure can be found in the fort on Principe. On the North side of this location, you will find two gun batteries and the square towards past them. The treasure is past the second tower, on the cliff’s edge, next to the rocks.

Where is last Mayan stelae?

The last Stela is on Long Bay, which you reach in mission 3 of the 10th sequence.

How do you get the animus fragment in Anotto Bay?

Animus Fragments To reach it, you have to dive underwater and enter the tunnel mine to the north. Turn to the left then find the spot where you can swim up and it will lead you to the fragment.

Where is the treasure in Havana?

The map is in the North-Western part of Havana, in the bushes to the North of the cloister near the ” High Barbara Coast” shanty. The treasure is also in Havana, in the Southern part of the city, right next to the rock with the tower built on it, next to the fallen palm.

What race were the Mayans?

Who are the “Mayans?” The Mayans were a race of “Negroes” that lived in Mexico and parts of North America.

What killed the Mayans?

This Mayan City Died Out After Inadvertently Poisoning Its Own Water Supply. Archaeologists generally agree that the causes of the Mayan civilization decline include war, overpopulation, unsustainable practices to feed that population, and protracted drought.

Where are all Mayan stelae?

Mayan Stelas are scattered throughout the map, usually one per island (Cape Bonavista, Cat Island, Great Inagua, Tulum, Tortuga, Matanzas, New Bone and Long Bay), but on some islands you can find two Stelas: Pinos Isle, Misteriosa, Santanillas and Isla Providencia.