Where can I watch full episodes of Smallville?

Watch full episodes online. Select an episode below. An interpretation of the Superman story features young Clark Kent coming to grips with his emerging superpowers.

Who is the killer in Smallville Season 3?

After Clark’s Kryptonian father (voice of TERENCE STAMP – “Superman II”) grants him temporary superpowers, Jonathan engages Clark in a destructive battle atop the LuthorCorp building. 3. Extinction Clark discovers that someone is hunting people who have been affected by the meteor rocks–and the killer’s next target is Lex.

What happens in the 200th episode of Smallville?

Clark is stunned when Kara (LAURA VANDERVOORT) returns to Earth and tells him Jor El sent her to stop the dark force that is coming because he doesn’t believe Clark can handle it. In the 200th episode, Clark and Lois return to Smallville for their high school reunion and Brainiac 5.0 (JAMES MARSTERS) shows Clark his past, present and future.

What happens to Clark Kent in Smallville?

Clark Kent takes on a whole new dimension in this precursor to the Superman legend. You know how the story ends; now watch the journey begin. The idyllic town of Smallville, Kansas, never seemed the same after the meteor shower that rained down years ago. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms.

Where did Clark go in Smallville Season 5?

Meanwhile, Clark goes to Honduras, where there is a massive destruction, trying to find Milton Fine and the spacecraft after following a lead from Chloe. When Lana gets in trouble, Clark returns to Smallville but is injected with the serum.

Who is the Star Girl in Smallville?

With the VRA in full effect, Carter Hall and Star Girl (BRITT IRVIN) return to help Clark deal with Slade’s (MICHAEL HOGAN) re-emergence after he kidnaps Lois. Clark, Oliver, Lois and Dinah are released by the VRA but each with disturbing flashbacks of Chloe.

Who is the villain in the episode craving Smallville?

Chloe Sullivan: Little of both. Still Craving More Smallville! In this episode, Clark has a new villain who is not particularly evil. Jodi (Amy Adams) is overweight but begins a new diet, by only drinking veggie drinks.

How did Jodi lose weight on Smallville?

Jodi (Amy Adams) is overweight but begins a new diet, by only drinking veggie drinks. She doesn’t realize the vegetables are grown in soil that contains the meteor rocks and thus she rapidly losing weight and can’t stop eating.

What did Lex do at the torch in Smallville?

Meanwhile, Lex views Chloe’s ‘Wall of Weird’ at Smallville High’s school-paper The Torch, to study meteor rock mutants, and he later approaches meteor rock expert Dr. Steven Hamilton to investigate the meteor shower to determine if ‘something else’ came down that day. — Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Who are the DC heroes in Smallville?

In Smallville, Clark Kent meets other DC heroes who help him along his journey. Here are the list of heroes he meets during his adventures. * Characters in more than 10 episodes will not have individual episodes listed. *Only episodes where the actors playing the role were on screen are listed.

Who is the voice of Lois in Smallville?

When Lois is reading Clark’s vows in the Daily Planet bullpen, his voiceover narration doesn’t always match the text on the page. Chloe Sullivan: “This is the story of an amazing boy who grew up in the fields of Kansas in a little town called Smallville.

Who are the main characters in Smallville?

As a rich, playboy Oliver fit the role nicely. He was good looking, personable and a ladies’ man. He dated several of the women in the Smallville universe including Lois Lane but eventually ends up marrying Chloe Sullivan. His personal story is strongly tied to the Luthers. Oliver and Lex have known each other almost their entire lives.

Who are the guest stars on Smallville?

Martha Kent (former series star ANNETTE O’TOOLE) speaks out at a pro-vigilante rally. And Lionel Luthor reveals his existence to the world. Chloe and Oliver are kidnapped by Desaad (guest star STEVE BYERS) who tries to infect Chloe with the darkness. And Lois suggests a disguise for Clark to hide his identity.

Who was Oliver’s Tormentor in Smallville Season 10?

Oliver tracks down his tormentor Rick Flag, learns he exchanged him for Chloe, who died poisoned, and informs Clark, who helps him work out Chloe actually staged her fake death. On her Daily Planet assignment in Egypt, Lois meets archaeologist Carter Hall ans soon suspects his story about a reincarnated Pharaonic prince is autobiographic.

Who is the leader of the Zoners in Smallville?

Tom Welling directs. Clark returns to the Phantom Zone with Oliver and is captured by the Zoners, who take them to their new leader, Zod (CALLUM BLUE) who’s sworn revenge on Clark! Clark takes Lois to the Fortress to get Jor-El’s blessing for their marriage, and Lois is given Clark’s super powers so she can see what it’s like to be him for a day!

What does SS stand for in Smallville?

At Longneck Cemetery, Chloe finds Earl Jenkins’ tombstone. She checks the coded message again and discovers that the numbers in the message almost match the GPS coordinates of the grave site. She walks across the cemetery and finds the grave of Sarah Strossberg matches the coordinates exactly. SS stands for Sarah Strossberg.

What happens to Clark and Pete in Smallville?

Clark confides in Pete, discovers ancient Native American caves that may lead him to some answers about his origins, comes into contact with a new form of kryptonite, gains knowledge of his heritage from a familiar source, and finally speaks to his biological father whose motives greatly disturb and perplex the young superhero.

What happens to Lex and Chloe in Smallville?

Lionel takes care of some loose ends, to acquit himself of the allegations of murder, by having Lex and Chloe removed from the equation. Tornadoes have struck Smallville, and Lana is stranded in their path. Jonathan is lost in the woods, chasing a reporter with evidence that will reveal Clark’s secret.