Where can I get the Chemical Engineering Magazine?

When you subscribe to Chemical Engineering magazine you can opt to receive the digital version of the magazine, just specify “digital edition” in the subscription process. To access more than 30 days of the magazine’s archives online, purchase your Gold Level subscription. Che.com’s online archives extend back to 1986.

What are some interesting articles in Chemistry magazine?

Chemistry in the news explains the coagulation experiment and comparison with the lectins present in ricinus and in seeds of bitter gourd explained that lectin in ginkgo biloba seeds was a protein with Only one subunit, which was similar to the galactose-specific recognition B chain in ricinus.

When is chemspec going to be at Messe Frankfurt?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and continued uncertainties about international travel, Mack-Brooks Exhibitions has announced the postponement of Chemspec Europe 2021, which was scheduled to take place at Messe Frankfurt on 29-30 September 2021.

Are there any regulations for the valve industry?

The Biden administration released an executive order (EO) last week that is intended to enhance competition. While agencies still need to draft regulations in response to the EO, this plan could have a big and potentially negative impact on manufacturers in several sectors, according to the National… Looking for a career in the Valve Industry?

How many fugitive emissions are caused by valves?

Valve leakage is reportedly responsible for more than 65% of total fugitive emissions, by some estimates. As a result, valves have been a considerable area of focus in the effort to reduce fugitive emissions.

What kind of valves are in API 624?

API 624 was developed to cover multi-turn valves, such as gate, globe and control valves used in operating plants. The API 624 Task Force worked for over two years to incorporate members’ views, as well as the requirements of regulators and manufacturers, and came up with a reasonable standard, which is summarized below.