Where can I find Faendal in Skyrim?

Where Do I Find Him? Faendal lives at the town of Riverwood, so try going to Riverwood. Normally he’s seen carrying wood back and fourth near the lumber mill, or even at his house (near the back of the town, near Ralof’s friend’s house). If you can’t find him, wait for a few hours/days and he might appear.

Where is Riverwood in Skyrim?

Whiterun Hold
Riverwood is a village on the southern outskirts of Whiterun Hold. It will most likely be the first settlement that the player encounters after escaping the dragon attack on Helgen. Riverwood has an inn, a general store, three houses, a lumber mill, and a blacksmith.

Is Faendal a good companion?

If players choose to side with Faendal instead of Sven, they still won’t be getting a great deal in the end when it comes to followers. Beyond this helpful loophole though, Faendal has little in the way of benefits that make him better than other followers in the game.

Who is better Faendal or Lydia?

JoeReese Well-Known Member Better melee than Faendal, though his archery is only 28 compared to Faendal’s 35. Lydia and Uthgerd are both 22 Archery. If you want unarmored/female, maybe try Annekke. She’s got a 26 archery and is still better at melee than Faendal.

Can you marry Faendal Skyrim?

Faendal is the only male Bosmer follower in Skyrim, and he is also able to join the Blades. This means that even if the Dragonborn is married to her and they live in a home other than her own, Faendal may be found leaving the home as soon as the Dragonborn arrives, or traversing Skyrim on the way to or from it.

Does Riverwood have snow?

There’s a rare occurrence that snow may fall in Riverwood despite its warmer climate. Possible reason is due to fast travelling from snowy areas such as High Hrothgar or Dawnstar.

Does the Riverwood chicken Respawn?

The chickens respawn after 20 days of not entering the area. The Dragonborn is still able to loot the chicken later without accumulating a bounty.

Can you marry Faendal?

Does Lydia level up with you?

Lydia will level with you up until level 50. At that point she has 671 health, 50 magicka and 214 stamina.

Where does faendal live in the Elder Scrolls?

Faendal is a Bosmer thief living in Riverwood. He is the common level trainer for Archery. He is involved in a love triangle with Sven and Camilla Valerius.

Is it possible to train with faendal in Skyrim?

Because Faendal can become a follower, it is possible to train up to level 50 in Archery with him for no cost. Simply ask him to train you, and then trade items with him to get back the gold you spend on training. This bug is fixed by version 1.2.6 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.

Who is faendal the Bosmer thief in Skyrim?

Skyrim:Faendal. Faendal is a Bosmer thief living in Riverwood. He is the common level trainer for Archery. He is involved in a love triangle with Sven and Camilla Valerius. Should you end the love triangle in his favor, he can become a follower and later be recruited to the Blades.

Who is the voice actor for faendal in Skyrim?

Faendal may be found wandering Skyrim randomly or slain by one of the many creatures he might encounter. Faendal is voiced by Jon Curry, who is the voice actor of the “MaleEvenToned” voicetype such as Drevis Neloren and Malborn. In Sven’s Fake Letter from Faendal, it is stated that Faendal is part of the Aldmeri Dominion.