When to add JAR files in the CLASSPATH variable?

When you have set of jar files which are always required during your application runtime, then it’s probably best to add them in machine’s environment variable ‘CLASSPATH’. During application runtime, application class loader will always scan the jar files and classes at specified paths in this variable.

What do you need to know about Classpath in Java?

CLASSPATH: CLASSPATH is an environment variable which is used by Application ClassLoader to locate and load the .class files. The CLASSPATH defines the path, to find third-party and user-defined classes that are not extensions or part of Java platform. Include all the directories which contain .class files and JAR files when setting the CLASSPATH.

Do you have to set Classpath in JVM?

No, because by default JVM search for the .class file in the current working directory only. If classes are saved in a different directory, for executing them from the current directory we must set the classpath. It is used for setting the path for classes when they are available in a different directory.

Why do I add current directory to Classpath in Java?

The adding current directory to the classpath is very important. The JVM searches for .classes only the locations given in the classpath settings. Take an example, do classpath settings and don’t add the current directory (dot and semicolon) at the last. Now, develop a Java application, compile it and try to execute it.

How to pass Classpath to runtime in Java?

Executing programs with ‘-classpath’ or ‘-cp’ option in Java Apart from setting classpath to the environment variable, you can pass additional classpath to Java runtime while launching the application using –classpath option or –cp option.

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