When did Virginia Tech beat Ohio State?

September 6, 2014
Virginia Tech vs. Ohio State – Game Summary – September 6, 2014 – ESPN.

Who did Ohio State lose to in 2014?

Virginia Tech
In the second game of the season, Ohio State was upset by Virginia Tech, 35–21. Following the loss, Ohio State won five consecutive games, including four against Big Ten opponents…

Who did OSU play in 2014?

2014 Football Season

08/30/14 at Navy W, 34-17
11/29/14 vs. Michigan W, 42-28
12/06/14 vs. Wisconsin * W, 59-0
01/01/15 College Football Playoff Sugar Bowl Semifinal vs. Alabama W, 42-35
01/12/15 College Football Playoff National Championship vs. Oregon W, 42-20

What is the difference between Ohio State and the Ohio State?

Why are we called “THE” Ohio State University”? The change from simply “OSU” was said to “reflect the national stature of the institution.” University officials wanted the institution to be known as “The Ohio State University,” again, since OSU could also mean Oregon State and Oklahoma State University.

Is Ohio State honors college worth it?

Is Ohio State honors college worth it? Totally worth it for me. (I’m a freshman) A lot of people were getting waitlisted for classes required for my major but honors let me schedule them WEEKS ago. Its just nice having the reassurance and top pick of all my classes.

What majors are Ohio State known for?

The most popular majors at Ohio State University–Columbus include: Finance, General; Psychology, General; Biology/Biological Sciences, General; Marketing/Marketing Management, General; Speech Communication and Rhetoric; Accounting; Computer Engineering, General; Allied Health and Medical Assisting Services, Other; …

What university has won the most national championships?

1. Yale — 18. Yale football has one of the most impressive resumes in the sport, with two of the first three Heisman winners, 100 All-Americans, 28 Hall of Fame inductees, and 18 national championships recognized by the NCAA — the most all time.

How many times has OSU beat OU?

They went on to win the game 75-0, thus igniting the fiery rivalry that would last for a century. Though Oklahoma currently leads in wins with 90, Oklahoma State, the beloved underdog, never gives up easily. Since this rivalry started, OSU has only beaten OU 18 times.

Who is Ohio State’s biggest rival?

Michigan Wolverines
The Michigan–Ohio State football rivalry is an American college football rivalry game played annually between the University of Michigan Wolverines and The Ohio State University Buckeyes….Michigan–Ohio State football rivalry.

Michigan Wolverines Ohio State Buckeyes
First meeting October 16, 1897 Michigan 34, Ohio State 0