When did need for Speed Underground 2 come out?

Need for Speed is one of the most successful racing sagas, and many titles have appeared for this game, as is the case of Need for Speed Underground 2 that you can download to live the full speed experience. Live and be imbued by the tuning culture. Need for Speed Underground, when launched in 2004, meant a new turn to the game saga’s focus.

What are the requirements for NFS Underground 2?

NFS Underground 2 – System Requirements (Recommended) CPU:Intel Core 2.4 GHZor AMD Phenom RAM: 2 GB OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or 32-bit Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX or AMD Radeon HD Free Disk Space: 1 GB DOWNLOAD NOW Click Below to Start Download Need for Speed Underground 2 – PC FULL VERSION.

What are the different game modes in need for Speed Underground?

Several game modes: track, drift, acceleration, ‘outrun’… Large variety of sport cars to choose from, more than 30 manufacturers in total: Audi, Ford, Nissan, Mazda, Peugeot, Pontiac, Toyota, Cadillac, etc. Win races and money to customize the appearance of your car and increase its potential with new features.

What kind of cars do you get in need for Speed Underground?

With more cars to choose from, the game is a little more fun to play. Starting in the garage, you can select a car that you like from multiple tuners that include the Honda Accord and Toyota Celica. You won’t have a lot of money to work with at first, but it’s enough to do a few modifications to get some speed in order to win a few races.

How big is the new city in nfsu2?

This is a significant shift from the original Underground, which presented the illusion of a coherent city but was really just a series of interconnecting tracks. NFSU2’s go-anywhere urban sprawl is three times the size of the original, with five distinct neighbourhoods to unlock and a much wider variety of race types.