What was the verdict in the SVU episode doubt?

This episode was actually good, but your network obviously missed out on something. The original NBC network let users vote online considering the ending, and they showed the one with the most votes. Guilty was 20%, (they thought it was rape). Innocent was 60%, (they thought it was consensual).

What is the most watched episode of SVU?

According to Nielsen ratings, “Zebras” was watched by 11.34 million viewers, making it the highest-rated show of the night and the series’ most watched episode in more than a year.

What was Ron Polikoff verdict?

Polikoff based upon the evidence presented during this trial. Therefore, for one count of Rape in the First degree, I chose the verdict of not guilty for the defendant, Mr.

Is Thomas Mathers Greg Yates?

Gregory Yates’. He previously played another serial rapist in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Weak (2004), named ‘Thomas Mathers’.

Who played Myra in SVU?

Shannyn Sossamon
Shannyn Sossamon is an actress who guest-starred on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in the episode “Doubt” as Myra Denning.

Who played Ron Polikoff on SVU?

Billy Campbell
“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” Doubt (TV Episode 2004) – Billy Campbell as Ron Polikoff – IMDb.

Does Greg Yates get caught?

Yates is then tracked down to Susie’s house, sometime after he proposed to her; as he is arrested, Voight demands to know where Nadia is, but Yates denies knowing what he is talking about.

Who is Dr Yates on SVU?

Dallas Roberts
Dallas Roberts, who played charismatic doctor and serial killer Greg Yates in the Law & Order: SVU and Chicago P.D. crossover, will reprise his role in the first episode of season 17, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

What was the name of Law and Order SVU undercover?

An AIDS activist is suspected of murdering a gay couple, and Detective Tutuola discovers something about a family member. 17. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999– )

What makes law and Order SVU so good?

Each episode showcases the hallmark mystery, emotion, and stellar performances found in the series. Despite this episode being a crossover with Law & Order: LA, which only lasted a single season, it stands out thanks to some stellar performances and creative thinking.

How did the Doubt episode End on law and order?

The “Doubt” episode is unique in that it ended abrubtly right after the jury foreman read “We find the defendant…” as it cuts to the credits, leaving the verdict unknown, making the viewers to come to their own conclusions. When it aired, NBC conducted an online poll so viewers could determine the verdict.

What did Benson and Stabler do on law and Order SVU?

Benson and Stabler look into the murder of a respected derivatives trader. Their investigation takes them into the world of bondage and sadomasochism. 2. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999– )