What was the most common name in 2015?

Top 100 baby names of 2015

1 Sophia Jackson
2 Emma Aiden
3 Olivia Liam
4 Ava Lucas

How popular is name UK?

Oliver and Olivia remained the most popular name for boys and girls in England and Wales. Freya and Lily replaced Emily and Ella in the top 10 girls’ names, while there were no new entries in the top 10 boys’ names in 2019.

What is the most common UK name?

David Smith
David Smith is the most common name for UK adults, beating David Jones (2nd) and John Smith (3rd) Smith is the UK’s most common surname: one in three of the top 100 most common adult names contain ‘Smith’

What is the most popular name in the UK 2020?

There was a reshuffle at the top of the chart this year, with Sophia claiming the top spot, Olivia dropping to second and Amelia climbing from fourth to third place. Lily, the only name in the top 10 that doesn’t end with an ‘a’, crept two places up the charts to break into the top five at number four.

What was the most popular boy’s name in 2015?

Top 50 boys’ names of 2015

  • Noah, 19,511.
  • Liam, 18,281.
  • Mason, 16,535.
  • Jacob, 15,816.
  • William, 15,809.
  • Ethan, 14,991.
  • James, 14,705.
  • Alexander, 14,460.

What are the most popular names in the UK?

The most common boys names in the UK, in order, were Oliver, Muhammed, Noah, Harry, Jack, Charlie, Jacob, George, Ethan and Henry. While, the UK’s most popular girls names were Olivia, Lily, Sophia, Emily, Amelia, Ava, Isla, Isabella, Isabelle and Sophie.

What are some common British names?

Meet Oliver, Jack, Harry, Alfie and Charlie, the five most common names in England and Wales according to the UK Office for National Statistics. The top names for girls are Olivia, Sophie, Emily, Lily and Amelia.

What are the best English names?

English names rank among the top names in the US, the UK, and other English-speaking countries, along with such European countries as Sweden, Germany, and France. Along with Audrey and Jack, classic English names in the US Top 300 include Georgia, Juliet, Lily and Olive for girls, and Emmett, Miles, Oscar, and William for boy.

What is the most popular baby name in England?

Oliver and Amelia were the most popular baby names in England and Wales in 2014 for the second year running. Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that 6,649 baby boys were named Oliver, while 5,327 girls were called Amelia.