What truck is the SS clone?

Chevy Silverado SS
2003 Chevy Silverado SS Clone – Carbon Copy SS.

How much does a Silverado SS cost?

Price | Chevy Silverado SS Most options sell between $5,000 and $20,000.

What years did Chevy make the Silverado SS?


Model Year Power
GMC Sierra Denali 2004–2006 345 hp (257 kW) @ 5200 RPM
Chevrolet Silverado SS 2002–2006
Chevrolet Silverado Vortec High Output 2003–2005
Chevrolet Silverado VortecMAX 2005–2006

What does SS clone mean?

A clone is when you take a standard, base model car and add options and equipment to make it into a copy of a rare, original muscle cars using the same options such as trim, decals, hood scoops, and motor that the higher optioned cars had originally from the factory.

Is the Silverado SS Supercharged?

The show truck explored what a high-performance Silverado street truck would entail and featured various upgrades over a standard Silverado, including a supercharged 5.3L V-8 engine making 450 horsepower (based on the same the 6.2-liter LT4 supercharged V-8 engine in the Corvette Z06, Camaro ZL1 and Cadillac CTS-V).

Is the Chevy SS fast?

It’s a fast car, capable of hitting 60mph in about 4.5 seconds but it isn’t so fast as to feel useless on the street. Of course if one wants to get more power out of their SS, it can be done easily and cheaply, but the car feels great in stock form.

What is a muscle car clone?

How do you tell if a Chevelle is an SS?

Look at the placement of emblems on the car, which is one of the most obvious markers for the SS package. The SS had an “SS” logo and the engine size on the fenders, a white “SS” emblem on a black rubber pad on the rear bumper and a large “SS” grille emblem. The grille should be painted black on a true SS.

What kind of truck is Beto’s SS clone?

Even though this truck looks fast (which it really is), Beto’s SS clone is mainly his show truck that just happens to have a race theme to it. He does have other pickups that he races with at the performance-centric events he hosts in Texas throughout the year.

When did Beto buy his 2006 Silverado SS?

Beto bought his ’06 Silverado back in 2014 and slowly got it dialed in to where it is today. Within a three-year period, the truck has been through many changes in multiple phases. It was first static dropped on 24- and 26-inch Savini wheels, which he enjoyed for a little while.

Is the Silverado SS from the Lone Star State?

For decades, we’ve had the privilege of featuring countless builds from the Lone Star state, and there is a certain style that comes from this particular region we (and our readers) have grown to love.

How tall are the wheels on a Silverado SS?

The static drop kit was tossed into the scrap pile, and air-ride components were soon introduced to bring the Silverado down as low to the ground as possible. To capitalize on the lower ride height, Beto then chose a set of 26- and 28×12 billet Intro wheels to take up residence underneath the truck.