What time of the year do Alexandrine parrots breed?

Alexandrine parakeet mating season They breed in their native range from November to April. Across many countries in Europe, feral populations tend to start breeding as early as February. The bonding between the male and the female takes place during the whole winter prior.

What month do Alexandrine parrots lay eggs?

Alexandrine parakeets breed from November to April in their native range. They usually nest in tree hollows, but sometimes use tree holes excavated by themselves or cracks in buildings. Females lay 2 to 4 white, blunt oval-shaped eggs, measuring 27 to 34 mm (1.1 to 1.3 in). The average incubation period is 24 days.

How can I improve my bird breeding?

Some pet foods such as cat food that is rich in fish protein or the moist dog foods that resemble hamburger, or even some small particle catfish feeds can be offered to breeding birds. Offer them in small quantities two to four times each week in amounts the birds will clear up quickly.

At what age do Alexandrine parrots stop breeding?

Although fully mature at this stage it is found that most Alexandrines don’t breed until four or five years of age.

How many eggs do Alexandrine parrots lay?

These birds cannot breed in colonies as they become aggressive protecting their nest and offspring. Once the breeding season has started, the female will lay between 2 to 4 eggs. She will incubate the eggs for approximately 26 days. Once the chicks hatch, the mother will feed them every few hours.

What fruit can Alexandrine parrots eat?

10-40% fruits (i.e. melons, strawberries, banana, blue berries, grapes, peaches, pear, apple). Please ensure that all stone fruits and apples are free of their seeds.

How can you tell the difference between a male and female Alexandrine parrot?

And if one happens to adopt the bird in such a situation and wants to know the gender of the bird, there is only one way out: DNA Sexing. The young Alexandrines are almost identical to the female Alexandrines but sport a duller plumage and shorter middle-tail feathers leading to shorter tails.

How smart are Alexandrine parrots?

With proper socialization and the use of bonding techniques, Alexandrine parakeets generally settle nicely into their new home environment and thoroughly enjoy interacting with their owners. These birds are highly intelligent and are known to be excellent talkers, making them very popular pets.

What is the easiest bird to breed?

Budgies/Parakeets One of the all-time best birds to breed is the budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus), also known as the budgie or parakeet. These lovely little Australian birds have been the mainstay in the pet bird market for decades.

What to feed breeding parrots?


  • Specially formulated with balanced nutrition – Can be used as the sole diet for breeding birds.
  • Nutritionally Complete – Requires no mixing or supplementation.
  • Extruded form – Prevents sorting of ingredients and helps reduce the risk of nutrient deficiencies.

How can a bird lay eggs without mating?

A female parrot can lay eggs without a mate. If the female has had no contact with a male before laying the eggs, the eggs will be completely unfertilized. No chicks will be hatched, and the eggs will be disposed of.

Can a parrot lay an egg without mating?

In the wild, female parrots will not lay eggs unless they have a mate and a suitable nesting site. In captivity, however, some parrots will lay eggs or even have repeated clutches of eggs despite the absence of a mate.