What team is Murasakibara?

Atsushi Murasakibara is a character from the Kuroko no Basuke anime and manga. The former center of the Teikou Middle School Basketball Team and a member of the Generation of Miracles. He listens to no one but Akashi and still does even though they are currently in different schools.

What does Murasakibara call Kagami?

Going by this system, if Murasakibara were to ever nickname Kagami or Takao (highly unlikely but hey), then they would be Gamichin and Takachin respectively (because Kagami is Ka-gami and Takao is Taka-o).

Who is better Kagami or Kise?

Generally, I think Kagami is more of a powerhouse than Kise is, which would probably be thing that allows Kagami to win most of the time. I think as far as standard skill goes, these two are quite close together. With the potential Kise has, he’ll probably be able to give Kagami more of a thrill as time goes on.

Who is Kagami rival?

Aomine and Kagami respect each other and think of each other as a worthy rival. It has been said many times that Kagami and Aomine share a lot of similarities, both in skill and personality.

Why does Murasakibara call people chin?

The kanji 紫 (Murasaki) in his name means purple (or violet), hinting to his hair color. He has a habit of shortening names and adding the suffix chin, for example, Aka-chin (Akashi), Kuro-chin (Kuroko), Mido-chin (Midorima), Mine-chin (Aomine), Kise-chin (Kise), Sa-chin (Momoi), Muro-chin (Himuro).

Which is better Aomine or Kagami streetball?

Aomine mainly scores by shooting 2s and driving and using streetball moves to trick people. Offensively kagami is not as good but still close to aomine.

When does Murasakibara appear at the Winter Cup?

Murasakibara appears at the Winter Cup when Akashi called the Generation of Miracles for a meet-up. When Kuroko arrives and Aomine makes a comment on him bringing Furihata along, Murasakibara notices that Aomine has brought Momoi as well. As always, Murasakibara is eating something sweet, this time a chocolate bar.

What kind of hair does Atsushi Murasakibara have?

He has shoulder length, lavender hair that touches his back and violet eyes. He wears Yōsen High ‘s jersey with the number 9. During the fourth quarter of the match against Seirin High School, he is seen with his hair pulled back into a ponytail.

Where do you find Murasakibara in Kuroko no Basuke?

Murasakibara is first seen after Kaijō and Tōō match in the Interhigh. He is walking in the hallways, eating his usual candy and is noticed by Kagami, who was amazed by his enormous height. He is called by his teammates and is revealed that he was lost.