What songs were used in regular show?

Regular Show Soundtrack

  • Working for the WeekendLoverboy.
  • You’re The BestJoe “Bean” Esposito.
  • LiesThompson Twins.
  • Nothin’ But A Good Time – Remastered 2006Poison.
  • Hangin’ ToughNew Kids On The Block.
  • Requiem, K.
  • I’m Alright – Theme from “Caddyshack”Kenny Loggins.
  • Hit Me With Your Best ShotPat Benatar.

What song plays at the end of regular show?

This episode ends with the revelation that Pops is watching his friends in what seems to be an afterlife (presumably Heaven) on a VHS tape labeled “Regular Show.” He ejects the video and says “Jolly good show” as the series officially ends set to the 1977 David Bowie song “Heroes”.

Why does regular show use songs?

At the beginning of the show, when we were putting together animatics of the boards before we had any animation done, we would use songs that we liked – licensed songs – to put together the music montages to see how it would flow and play.

What music do Mordecai and Rigby like?

Party Tonight
The song was originally sung by Sean Szeles, who is a storyboarder for Regular Show, then Party Tonight was re-sung by J.G. Quintel to accommodate the appropriate scene in Mordecai and the Rigbys. Listen to Sean Szeles’ version here. Due to its popularity, it is considered by many to be the best song on Regular Show.

What is the best regular show episode?

15 Best Episodes Of Regular Show, According To IMDb

  1. 1 A Regular Epic Final Battle: Part 1 (9.9)
  2. 2 A Regular Epic Final Battle: The Power (9.6)
  3. 3 A Regular Epic Final Battle: Part 2 (9.6)
  4. 4 Rigby’s Graduation Day Special (9.6)
  5. 5 Cheer Up Pops (9.5)
  6. 6 Meet The Seer (9.5)
  7. 7 Space Escape (9.5)
  8. 8 Exit 9B (9.5)

Who made the music in regular show?

Why J.G. Quintel Loves Using ’80s Technology in Cartoon Network’s Hit Regular Show. Last summer, J.G. Quintel, creator of Cartoon Network’s hit series Regular Show, wanted to record the program’s original music onto cassettes and toss those into the crowd at San Diego Comic-Con.

What is the best Regular Show episode?

Who is Garrett Bobby Ferguson?

Garrett Bobby Ferguson, Sr. (G.B.F.), also referred to as Giant Bearded Face or Giant Beardo Face, is a major antagonist of Regular Show. He made his debut in the Season 2 episode “High Score”. He is Mordecai and Rigby’s #1 main arch-nemesis.

How old is Mordecai and Rigby?

The series revolves around the daily lives of two 23-year-old friends, Mordecai (a blue jay), and Rigby (a raccoon).

Who is Mordecai and Rigby’s boss?

Because Pops is so out of touch with the outside world, and with reality, he relies on Benson to run the park. He’s Mordecai and Rigby’s boss and he’s always on their case.

What kind of songs are used in the Regular Show?

This is a list of real-life songs used in Regular Show throughout the episodes. Tag Team – Whoomp! (There It Is) Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

What kind of songs are used on the Simpsons?

This is a list of real-life songs used in Regular Show throughout the episodes. 1 Season 1 1.1 Caffeinated Concert Tickets 1.2 Death Punchies 1.3 Grilled Cheese Deluxe 2 Season 2 2.1 My Mom 2.2 High Score 2.3 Over the Top 2.4 First Day 2.5 Go Viral 2.6 Karaoke Video 3 Season 3 3.1 Slam Dunk 3.2…

What are the songs on Rigby’s Graduation Day special?

738-39 Rigby’s Graduation Day Special (The Replacements – Here Comes A Regular) 738-39 Rigby’s Graduation Day Special (Sir Edward Elgar – Pomp and Circumstance March No.1) 823 No Train No Gain (Dragonforce – Through the Fire and the Flames)