What song does Rachel sing for her Nyada audition?

Kurt agrees to be safe at first, but at the last minute, takes a risk, and sings ‘No the Boy Next Door,’ a song from ‘The Boy From Oz’ that includes some incredible high notes and flashy dance moves. The judge loves it, and it sets a high standard for Rachel.

What episode does Rachel choke?

Choke (Glee)

Glee episode
Episode no. Season 3 Episode 18
Directed by Michael Uppendahl
Written by Marti Noxon

Why was that’s so Rachel Cancelled?

In Season Six, it is revealed that her TV show, titled That’s So Rachel, has been cancelled due to very poor ratings after airing its pilot episode.

Why did Rachel get into Nyada?

15 When She Got Into NYADA After she literally chokes her audition in season three, Rachel stalks her way into a second chance at Nationals. Due to this, Rachel gets into NYADA.

How did coach Beiste get a black eye?

In particular, Jones addressed her performance in the third season episode “Choke” in which Beiste comes to school with a black eye and claims she was hit by a speed bag at the gym when she was really hit by her husband.

Does Rachel get into Nyada?

Rachel Berry, who was accepted into NYADA. Not only did Finn break off their engagement to set Rachel free to follow her dreams, but he’s also decided to join the Army. Kurt, on the other hand, didn’t get in to NYADA, even after a stellar audition.

What happened to Ken Tanaka?

Kenneth Tanaka, commonly known as Ken, is the former coach of the McKinley Titans. He is replaced by Shannon Beiste at the start of Season Two due to having a nervous breakdown. He is the former fiancé of Emma Pillsbury.

Do they ever show Rachel’s dads?

Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell have joined the cast of Glee. The pair have been cast as main character Rachel Berry’s gay adoptive fathers Hiram and LeRoy Berry. According to TV Line, Goldblum and Mitchell will first appear in Glee’s special Valentine’s Day episode entitled “Heart”.

Do we ever meet Rachel Berry’s dads?

The details about how and why LeRoy and Hiram met and fell in love, are revealed in Heart. They met while performing in a play together. According to Rachel, their relationship is one of true love, and that she is the result of it.