What shops are in Thatcham?

Shops near Thatcham

  • Tesco Express. Grocers and Convenience Stores.
  • Original Blues Clothing Co Ltd. Clothing Manufacturers and Wholesalers.
  • Dusty Attic Vintage. Secondhand Furniture.
  • Hats & Co. Hat Shops and Milliners.
  • SAZIM Shop.
  • Sue Ryder Charity Shop.
  • Community Spirit Thatcham.
  • Elite Beds & Mattresses Direct.

Why is Thatcham called Thatcham?

The Romans did lots of metalworking there. In Saxon times, Anglo-Saxon settlers rowed up the Thames and the Kennet and built themselves somewhere to live at Thatcham. This is when the place got it’s name. It means ‘Thatched Homes’.

Is Thatcham a safe place to live?

Thatcham is the third most dangerous medium-sized town in Berkshire, and is the 34th most dangerous overall out of Berkshire’s 108 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Thatcham in 2020 was 50 crimes per 1,000 people.

How many houses are there in Thatcham?

Output area Homes owned outright Other
Civil parish 2,640 65

What is a Thatcham Category 1 Alarm?

Thatcham devices designated as Category 1 refer to the most sophisticated security systems, combining an immobiliser with an alarm. Category 1 devices offer features like ignition and perimeter detection along with movement, tilt and glass break sensors.

Is reading a rough area?

Reading Station is the third most dangerous place in town with a total of 46 crimes being reported in August this year. There were seven public orders, offences which can cause fear, alarm or distress, 12 bike thefts, and nine other thefts, which can include blackmail and making off without payment.

What is Hungerford like to live in?

Convenient and attractive, and in an area with low property density, Hungerford enjoys consistently high property demand and limited supply. Unless you live for golf, horses, angling or antiques, there is not much to do, see or buy in Hungerford, and for most locals that is just as it should be.

What is Thatcham known for?

Thatcham is a town in the historic county of Berkshire and is situated just three miles east of Newbury. The area has evidence of occupation dating from prehistoric times and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the strongest claimant to being the oldest continuously inhabited place in Britain.

Does my car have a factory-fitted Thatcham alarm?

Finding out if your car has one fitted can be done quickly and easily by checking your vehicle handbook. This means that they have been approved by The Thatcham Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre, which is an organisation connected to safety and security equipment for cars and other motor vehicles.

What is Thatcham category?

What is Thatcham? Thatcham is a product research company that defines the industry benchmark for vehicle security systems. Car security products that meet requirements are categorised depending on the product’s functions. The category system ensures that products are always fit for use on the roads.

Where should you avoid in reading?

The most dangerous places to live and work in Reading have been revealed….

  1. Most dangerous place in Reading – Trafford Road – 100.
  2. Minster Street – 58.
  3. Near Reading Station – 46.
  4. Cheapside and West Street – 40.
  5. Richfield Avenue – 36.