What nationality is Patti LuPone?

Patti LuPone/Nationality

Patti LuPone, in full Patti Ann LuPone, (born April 21, 1949, Northport, Long Island, New York, U.S.), American theatre and film actress known for her powerful voice and grande dame persona. LuPone was raised on Long Island. She began dancing at age four and later performed with her two elder brothers.

Who has played Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard?

Characters and original cast

Character Sydmonton Festival (1991) Broadway (1994)
Norma Desmond Ria Jones Glenn Close
Joe Gillis Michael Ball Alan Campbell
Betty Schaefer Frances Ruffelle Alice Ripley
Max von Mayerling Kevin Colson George Hearn

Where did Patti LuPone go to college?

The Juilliard School1972
Northport High School
Patti LuPone/Education

Where was Patti LuPone born?

Northport, NY
Patti LuPone/Place of birth

What does Patti LuPone?

Patti Ann LuPone (born April 21, 1949) is an American actress and singer best known for her work in stage musicals. She won the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical for her role as Eva Perón in the 1979 original Broadway production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Evita.

What roles did Patti LuPone originate?

Under the auspices of The Acting Company, Patti LuPone originated her first Broadway musical role as Rosamond in Alfred Uhry and Robert Waldman’s musical adaptation of the Eudora Welty novella, The Robber Bridegroom, in 1975, again in repertory.

Who is Sunset Boulevard based on?

queen Norma Desmond
Gloria Swanson, original name Gloria May Josephine Svensson, (born March 17, 1899, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.—died April 4, 1983, New York, New York), American motion-picture, stage, and television actress who was known primarily as a glamorous Hollywood star during the 1920s and as the fading movie queen Norma Desmond in …

Why is Sunset Boulevard famous?

Cultural aspects. The Sunset Strip portion of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood has been famous for its active nightlife since at least the 1950s. The Buffalo Springfield song “For What It’s Worth” was written about a riot at Pandora’s Box, a Sunset Strip club, in 1966.

What is Patti LuPone doing now?

Still, LuPone has other projects cooking; she will appear in Ryan Murphy’s new nostalgia-bait Netflix series “Hollywood” (premiéring May 1st) as the wealthy wife of a Golden Age studio executive who hires gigolos for companionship. She is still planning concert appearances for 2021.

How old was Gloria Swanson when she died?

84 years (1899–1983)
Gloria Swanson/Age at death
Gloria Swanson, a symbol of enduring glamour who was perhaps the most glittering goddess of Hollywood’s golden youth in the 1920’s, died of a heart ailment yesterday in New York Hospital. She was 84 years old. The actress entered the hospital two weeks ago after suffering what friends said was a mild heart attack.

What kind of car did Norma Desmond have?

the Isotta-Fraschini
Silent film star Norma Desmond’s magnificent luxury car, the Isotta-Fraschini, plays a pivotal role in Sunset Boulevard (1950).

Is Sunset Strip safe at night?

Don’t go to the Sunset Strip during the day By and large, even at night, many of its bars can be skipped, as most are packed to the gills.

When did Glenn Close replace Patti LuPone in Norma?

But when the production moved to Broadway in November 1994, LuPone was replaced by Glenn Close, who had been playing the role in a Los Angeles tryout. The move was one of the biggest controversies in musical theater history and spurred a decades-long feud between LuPone and Lloyd Webber.

Who was the original Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard?

Patti LuPone famously originated the role of Norma Desmond in the London musical adaptation of Sunset Boulevard back in 1993, but was replaced before the production premiered on Broadway

When did Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin reunite?

LuPone and her co-star, Mandy Patinkin, remained close friends both on and off the stage. In May 1983, founding alumni of The Acting Company reunited for an off-Broadway revival of Marc Blitzstein ‘s landmark labor musical The Cradle Will Rock at the American Place Theater.

Who was Patti LuPone’s replacement in the Baker’s wife?

In 1976, producer David Merrick hired LuPone as a replacement to play Genevieve, the title role of the troubled pre-Broadway production of The Baker’s Wife. The production toured at length but Merrick deemed it unworthy of Broadway and it closed out of town.