What kind of clothes do the Reapers wear?

All Basic Reapers’ outfits range from hooded shirts, jackets, snow jackets and trench coats, however they all wore the color’s standard faction of red with white skulls painted on their hoods and faces. Heavy Reapers: The Heavy Reapers carried the rarer weapons such as the RPG and the Minigun.

What happens at the end of the Reapers?

However, in the end Cole defeated Sasha and was about to make her tell him what she knew of the First Sons, when an explosion tore through the room, causing debris to fall everywhere and land directly on top of Cole, trapping him. Cole, pinned by debris, saw Sasha taken by a mysterious professional group that had been the source of the explosion.

What kind of gun does the Reaper have?

The assault rifle design is mostly based on the AK-47. Modified shotguns: The shotguns carried by the Reapers are common, but not as common as other weapons, short range weapons with a wide blast radius that can penetrate Cole’s Polarity Wall and cause heavy damage to him, knocking him off his feet.

What happens to the Reapers after Kessler’s death?

Shortly after Kessler’s death, several Reapers attempted to defend Sasha from Moya’s forces, but they failed to defend their leader and were killed. Later, after the death of Moya, a defeated Reaper is seen in Cole’s hands as Lucy Kuo enters Empire City.

What are the different types of reapers in Halo?

The Reapers consisted of different “ranks” that could be fit in these categories: Basic Reapers, Heavy Reapers, Mad Bombers, and Conduits.

Who are the Reapers in day of the blast?

Before the day of the Blast, the Reapers were just a group of drug addicts, hooligans, and petty criminals dealing drugs and creating minor crime around Empire City. Right after the Blast, they formed into a more orderly group, and gained control over the Neon District through hostile means.