What is Vista Corp?

Founded in 1965, Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) is an anti-poverty program designed to provide needed resources to nonprofit organizations and public agencies to increase their capacity to lift communities out of poverty.

What did Scott Lang steal?

the Ant-Man suit
Scott Lang is an ex-convict and electronics expert hired by Stark International, which enables him to steal the Ant-Man suit from Hank Pym, who had long since given up the name, to help his sick daughter.

What did Scott Lang go to jail for?

Desperate to provide for his family, but unable to make ends meet, electronics genius Scott Lang turned to burglary and inadvertently won himself a prison sentence.

Who did Scott Lang Rob?

Heist. Vistacorp hired Scott Lang, who eventually discovered that Vistacorp were overcharging their customers.

How much do VISTA volunteers get paid?

AmeriCorps VISTA members receive a living stipend of no less than $900 monthly. The living stipend amounts to a minimum of $11,136 annually before tax. Upon completing service VISTA members are eligible for either A: $5,645 Segal Education Award, or B: $1500 Cash Award.

Does the VISTA program still exist?

Since 1965, over 220,000 AmeriCorps members in the VISTA program have joined the fight against poverty by helping local organizations expand their capacity to make change. The VISTA program serves in each of the 50 U.S. states and in all U.S. territories.

Who is the best Ant-Man?

10 Best Ant-Man Movie Characters, Ranked By Likability

  1. 1 Cassie Lang. Speaking of Scott as a dad, it’s his daughter who tops the list.
  2. 2 Scott Lang. It might be a bit of a surprise that the protagonist and title character doesn’t top the list.
  3. 3 Luis.
  4. 4 Hope Van Dyne.
  5. 5 Hank Pym.
  6. 6 Jimmy Woo.
  7. 7 Jim Paxton.
  8. 8 Ava Starr.

Why can’t Hank Pym wear the suit?

As soon as Scott gets an explanation about Ant-Man and about what his suit can really do, he also gets the reason why Hank can’t put on the suit himself. Hank Pym has been exposed to the Pym Particles too much and his body has been affected by them.

How many years can you do AmeriCorps VISTA?

Members serving in the AmeriCorps VISTA program serve full time for one-year terms.

Do you get paid for AmeriCorps VISTA?

What President Kennedy program is Vista similar to?

Volunteers in Service to America
The act also established Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA)—a domestic counterpart of the Peace Corps, the popular foreign program created by U.S. Pres. John F. Kennedy.

Who is vistacorp in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

VistaCorp is a technology company specializing in security systems. VistaCorp is also the owner of the WHiH World News television channel. “I didn’t rob anyone; robbery implies the use of violence. I burgled them; I’m a cat burglar.”

How did Scott Lang find out about vistacorp?

Vistacorp hired Scott Lang, who eventually discovered that Vistacorp were overcharging their customers. At first, he thought it was simply a coding error and changed it. He realized the company was intentionally doing this to their customers for financial gain when Geoff Zorick ordered Lang to revert his many corrections.

Who are the Board of directors of Marvel Studios?

Toy Biz sought to sell 1 million shares, and Marvel sought to sell 2.5 million shares. Jerry Calabrese, the president of Marvel Entertainment Group and Avi Arad, head of Marvel Films and a director of Toy Biz, were assigned tandem control of Marvel Studios.

Who are the characters that Marvel has licensed?

Character rights. Marvel had licensed out the film rights to many of their characters to other studios in the 1990s, starting with the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Daredevil and later Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Luke Cage, Punisher, Blade, Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Black Panther and Deadpool among others.