What is the value of a 2014 Jeep trailhawk?

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Average Market Value $17,408
Low Market Value $13,056
High Market Value $21,759

How do you remote start a 2014 Jeep?

Remote start is the middle button that has x2 with the circle arrow around it. Press that button twice to start.

Are 2014 Jeep Cherokees good cars?

How Reliable Is the 2014 Jeep Cherokee? The 2014 Jeep Cherokee has a poor reliability rating, earning J.D. Power and Associates’ lowest score of two out of five points. Class leaders for reliability include the 2014 GMC Terrain and Honda CR-V.

How long does Jeep trailhawk last?

Looking at the data above, we can say that a Jeep Grand Cherokee can provide you up to 300,000 miles of use. In fact, there are even those that can reach more than 300K. Nevertheless, professionals suggest that it is best to purchase a Grand Cherokee that has less than 300,000 mileage.

How much is a 2014 Jeep?

Wrangler Trims

Sport Utility Original MSRP / Price Drive
Wrangler Unlimited 4WD 4dr Rubicon $34,995 / N/A AWD4WD
Wrangler Unlimited 4WD 4dr Rubicon X $34,995 / N/A AWD4WD
Wrangler Unlimited 4WD 4dr Sahara $32,095 / N/A AWD4WD
Wrangler Unlimited 4WD 4dr Sport $26,195 / N/A AWD4WD

Does the 2014 Jeep Cherokee have remote start?

You can start your Jeep from as far as 300 feet way with the push of a button after this device is installed. The Mopar Remote Start system for the 2014-2020 Cherokee is designed to work with the vehicle’s electronic security key and the vehicle must have a Sentry Key Theft Deterrent System (Sales code GXX).

What problems do 2014 Jeep Cherokees have?

They attempted to fix delayed downshifting, stuck gears, poor throttle response, surging, “busy” shift behavior, and rough coasting—the majority of which can be found reported in the more than 1500 powertrain complaints submitted by 2014 Jeep Cherokee owners to NHTSA as of June 25.

How many miles do Jeeps last?

Jeep Wranglers are notoriously reliable. Ask any Jeep owner. In fact, if you only kinda cared for your Jeep you would still likely do better than 300,000 KM before you had to put her to bed. If you really cared about maintaining your Jeep, you’d likely get about 650,000 KM before putting her out to pasture.