What is the twelfth night about summary?

Twelfth Night is a fast-paced romantic comedy with several interwoven plots of romance, mistaken identities and practical jokes. Separated from her twin brother Sebastian in a shipwreck, Viola disguises herself as a boy, calls herself Cesario, and becomes a servant to the Duke Orsino.

What is the twelfth night?

Twelfth Night is a Christmas play. You see, Shakespeare probably wrote the play for a Twelfth Night celebration. (The fact that the play’s plot has little-to-nothing to do with the holiday is neither here nor there.) Twelfth Night was a holiday usually celebrated the twelfth day after Christmas: January 6.

Why did Shakespeare call it Twelfth Night?

Shakespeare titled his play Twelfth Night because it was written as a celebration of the twelfth night of Christmas. This was the last night of the Christmas season, sometimes called the Eve of Epiphany. Twelfth Night was, therefore, the end of the “party period” surrounding the birth of Christ.

How does 12th night end?

The play ends as Orsino approves the union between Olivia and Sebastian. Realising his own attraction to ‘Cesario’, Orsino promises that once Viola is dressed as a woman again, they will be married as well.

Is Twelfth Night satirical?

Twelfth Night is predominantly a satire of the ideas of love professed by and made popular by the Medieval poet Francesco Petrarch (“Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night”). Petrarch wrote over 300 sonnets containing the subject of a woman named Laura.

Who is Viola in love with?

Duke Orsino
Viola falls in love with Duke Orsino but is unable to tell him how she feels. Viola reveals that she is in fact a girl and marries the Duke.

Why is Twelfth Night A comedy?

Twelfth Night can be considered a model Shakespearean comedy in that it employs nearly every feature of the genre: a wedding, mistaken identities, misunderstandings, physical comedy, and a happy ending. Shakespearean comedies often take place in societies where the social order is out of whack.

Why does Sir Toby say Olivia will not marry Orsino?

After Maria leaves, Sir Andrew and Sir Toby talk and joke like old friends. But Sir Andrew tells Sir Toby that he is discouraged and that he does not think that Olivia likes him. He says that Olivia will never marry “above her degree, neither in estate, years, nor wit,” so Sir Andrew has a good chance with her (I. iii.