What is the TU command for jugar?

Subject Pronouns Imperative Pronunciation
juega (HWEH-gah)
usted juegue (HWEH-geh)
nosotros/nosotras juguemos (hoo-GEH-mohs)
vosotros/vosotras jugad (hoo-GAHD)

What is the tu form of jugar?

Jugar Conjugation: Simple Tenses of the Indicative Mood

Subject Present Preterite
yo juego jugué
juegas jugaste
él/ella juega jugó
nosotros jugamos jugamos

How do you conjugate jugar for TU?

For the preterite tense conjugation, go to Jugar Preterite Tense Conjugation….Jugar Conjugation: Present Tense.

yo juego
él/ella juega
ns. jugamos
vs. jugáis

What are the forms of OIR?

Present Indicative of Oír

Subject Pronoun Present Indicative Translation
yo oigo I hear
oyes you hear
él/ella usted oye he/she hears – you (formal) hear
nosotros/ nosotras oímos we hear

What is the TU command for escribir?

The affirmative tú command of escribir is escribe (pronounced: ehs-KREE-beh).

Is jugar a preterite?

This lesson covers the Spanish verb ‘jugar’, which means ‘to play’ (a sport or game)….Preterite of Jugar.

Subject Pronouns Jugar Conjugation: Preterite Translation
jugaste you played
él/ella/usted jugó he/she/you (formal) played

How do you conjugate Montar?

Using the chart below you can learn how to conjugate the Spanish verb montar in Present tense….Mode: Indicative.

Personal Pronoun Conjugation
Yo monto
Tu montas
El/Ella monta
Nosotros montamos

What are the preterite forms of OIR?

Subject Pronouns Preterite Conjugation Pronunciation
yo (oh-EE)
oíste (oh-EES-teh)
él/ella usted oyó (oh-YOH)
nosotros/nosotras oímos (oh-EE-mohs)

When to use juege or gu in jugar conjugation?

If e comes after g, the latter becomes gu. In practice, this means that you should never say juege but rather juegue . Allthough the jugar conjugation set is unique because it’s an irregular verb, it’s not hard to master.

What does the word Jugar mean in Spanish?

You played with toys, friends, and teammates. The Spanish verb jugar means “to play,” exclusively when referring to playing a game or sport. (If you are talking about playing an instrument, there’s another verb for that in Spanish: tocar .)

What are the indicative tenses in jugar conjugation?

To start the jugar conjugation set, we’ll look at the indicative mood tenses. For clarity, they are divided into simple and compound tenses. The next mood of the jugar conjugation set is the subjunctive, a mood used to express hopes, wishes, and desires.

What do you mean by affirmative Tu command?

Command or imperative forms tell someone to do or not to do something. Affirmative TU commands are used to tell friends, family members, or young people to do something or to give instructions. ¡Vota en las elecciones! Vote in the elections! ¡Contesta el teléfono!