What is the timeline of Ottoman Empire?

1299 – Osman I founded the Ottoman Empire. 1389 – The Ottomans conquer most of Serbia. 1453 – Mehmed II captures Constantinople putting an end to the Byzantine Empire. 1517 – Ottomans conquer Egypt bringing Egypt into the empire.

What kingdoms did the Ottoman Empire conquer?

With most of the Balkans under Ottoman rule by the mid-16th century, Ottoman territory increased exponentially under Sultan Selim I, who assumed the Caliphate in 1517 as the Ottomans turned east and conquered western Arabia, Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Levant, among other territories.

Where did the Ottoman Empire lose territory between 1699 and 1913?

The two Balkan Wars (1912–13) almost completed the destruction of the Ottoman Empire in Europe. In the first (October 1912–May 1913) the Ottomans lost almost all their European possessions, including Crete, to Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Montenegro, and the newly created state of Albania (Treaty of London, May 30, 1913).

How far north did the Ottomans go?

The Ottoman Empire was founded by Osman I in the 14th century and reached its apex under Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century, stretching from the Persian Gulf in the east to Hungary in the northwest and from Egypt in the south to the Caucasus in the north.

When did the Ottoman Empire began to decline?

Starting in the 1600s, the Ottoman Empire began to lose its economic and military dominance to Europe. Around this time, Europe had strengthened rapidly with the Renaissance and the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

What was the history of the Ottoman Empire?

History bears testimony to the fact that the higher you rise, the harder you fall. We can see numerous evidences of this fact in the chronicles of world history – The Achaemenid Empire, The French Colonial Empire, The British Empire, The Dutch Empire, etc.

What was the fate of the Ottoman Principality?

What changed the fate of the Ottoman Principality was the fights of the throne in the neighboring Byzantine Empire. The ancient Byzantine Empire of the past was very weak, especially due to the Sack of Constantinople (4th Crusade), and could not be restored.

When did the Ottoman Empire reach its apogee?

Ottoman conquests reach their apogee around 1700 CE when the empire was at its largest. Osman’s son, Orhan captured Bursa in Anatolia in 1326 and made it his capital. Sultan Murad I died in the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, which resulted in the Ottoman domination of Serbia and was a stepping stone for expansion into Europe.

What was the short term period of stagnation of the Ottoman Empire?

Ottomans entered the short-term period of stagnation. The battle is also significant in Ottoman history as being the only time a Sultan has been captured in person. Ottoman Interregnum or Ottoman Civil War.