What is the survival rate of clear cell sarcoma?

Studies estimate the 5-year survival rate of CCS is between 30% and 67%. Prognosis for CCS is poor because it often spreads quickly to other parts of the body and often comes back after treatment.

What is epithelioid sarcoma?

Epithelioid sarcoma is a rare, slow-growing type of soft tissue cancer. Most cases begin in the soft tissue under the skin of a finger, hand, forearm, lower leg or foot, though it can start in other areas of the body.

How common is spindle cell sarcoma?

“Spindle cell sarcoma is a soft-tissue tumor that can start in the bone, often in the arms, legs or pelvis,” said Siegel, a professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery in the School of Medicine. “Soft-tissue sarcomas are rare in adults, accounting for less than 1 percent of all new cases of cancer.”

What is pleomorphic sarcoma?

Overview. Undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma (UPS) is a rare type of cancer that begins mostly in the soft tissues of the body. Soft tissues connect, support and surround other body structures. UPS usually occurs in the arms or legs. Less often it can happen in the area behind the abdominal organs (retroperitoneum).

How aggressive is clear cell sarcoma?

Sites such as the arms, hands, and trunk are also reported. Clear cell sarcoma is primarily deep-seated and very rarely originates in the subcutis or lower dermis of the skin. Clear cell sarcoma is a locally aggressive neoplasm with a high rate of recurrence and metastasis (up to 50%).

Does sarcoma show up in bloodwork?

Blood tests. Some laboratory blood tests may help find bone sarcoma. People with osteosarcoma or Ewing sarcoma may have higher alkaline phosphatase and lactate dehydrogenase levels in the blood.

Is there a cure for epithelioid sarcoma?

Epithelioid sarcoma: Still an only surgically curable disease.

Can spindle cell sarcoma be cured?

A sarcoma is considered stage IV when it has spread to distant parts of the body. Stage IV sarcomas are rarely curable. But some patients may be cured if the main (primary) tumor and all of the areas of cancer spread (metastases) can be removed by surgery. The best success rate is when it has spread only to the lungs.

Is spindle cell a type of sarcoma?

Spindle cell tumors Spindle cell tumor is not a specific diagnosis or a specific type of cancer. The tumor may be a sarcoma, or it can be sarcomatoid — meaning another type of tumor (like a carcinoma) that looks like a sarcoma under the microscope.

Can pleomorphic sarcoma be cured?

Summary. MFH is a curable disease. The term “Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma” has been changed by the WHO to Undifferentiated Pleomorphic Sarcoma Not Otherwise Specified. The mainstays of treatment for MFH are complete surgical excision most often supplemented with adjuvant radiation therapy.