What is the name of the agwpe program?

The main AGWPE program is named AGW Packet Engine.exe. You will find it helpful to create a Windows shortcut to this file and put it on your desktop, or the task bar or some other easily accessible spot. The next step is to run and configure AGWPE: Basic Setup for AGWPE (1 sound card & one 1 radio) or.

Can a packet engine program work with agwpe?

Packet Engine Pro will only work with packet programs that have been written to take advantage of AGWPE but there are many, including terminal, DX cluster, APRS, and digipeater programs.

Where do I find agwpe on my computer?

By default, UI-View receives* packets from all AGWPE radio ports. To change that, go to the UI-View Setup menu and then Comms Setup. When you select a host mode of AGWPE, a Setup button will appear to the right of AGWPE. Press that button that to bring up the AGWPE Setup window.

How does ui-view32 use agwpe with Kiss frames?

UI-View32 uses AGWPE with KISS frames. It is a feature of AGWPE that the received KISS frames it sends to an application do not include frames transmitted by other applications using the same AGWPE system. So if you have this: Then, using KISS frames, AppA will not see frames transmitted by AppB.

What kind of ports do I need for agwpe?

SV2AGW’s AGW Packet Engine provides a multiple-TNC interface supporting both physical hardware TNCs and a software “soundmodem” working through the PC’s sound card and an associated port used for PTT. Any number of the ports defined on the local AGWPE server can be accessed as YAAC ports.

How do I create a new folder for agwpe?

Hint: Create a new folder for each version of AGWPE that you download, since each version of the program uses the same file names. You want to avoid mixing files from different versions. The AGWPE files come in a zipped file, agwpe.zip. Extract the files into the AGWPE folder you have created. After you do this, AGWPE is installed!

Where do I find agwpe on my Desktop?

Note that AGWPE does not put an open Window on your desktop, nor will there be a button on the bottom right Task Bar of your screen. Instead, the AGWPE tower icon is the only access you have to AGWPE when it is running! Click on it to bring up the AGWPE menu: as described below. b. Create and Configure an AGWPE Radio Port