What is the meaning of courage in Oxford dictionary?

​the ability to do something dangerous, or to face pain or opposition, without showing fear synonym bravery.

What is the real meaning of courage?

: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

Which word means full of courage?

Some common synonyms of courage are mettle, resolution, spirit, and tenacity. While all these words mean “mental or moral strength to resist opposition, danger, or hardship,” courage implies firmness of mind and will in the face of danger or extreme difficulty.

How do you show courage?

15 Everyday Acts of Courage

  1. Saying sorry. It takes courage to admit when you are wrong.
  2. Be yourself and own it. Don’t imitate anyone.
  3. Take responsibility and accountability.
  4. Keep your commitments and make goals.
  5. Have a voice and say no.
  6. Let go and forgive.
  7. Grow and learn.
  8. Listen and be present.

What is the verb for courage?

Courage verb forms

Infinitive Present Participle Past Tense
courage couraging couraged

What does God say about courage?

“Be of good courage, and let us be courageous for our people, and for the cities of our God, and may the Lord do what seems good to him.” “But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.” “Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”

What does the Bible says about courage?

How do you say someone has courage?

16 Ways to Talk about Bravery

  1. Valiant. One of the most formal ways to describe bravery, this term is a cognate in many Latin languages like Spanish and Portuguese.
  2. Fearless.
  3. Unafraid.
  4. Brave.
  5. Daring.
  6. Adventurous.
  7. Confident/Self-confident.
  8. Courage (n)/ Courageous (adj.)

What gives a person courage?

Self-confidence. Courageous people believe in themselves. They know who they are and what they stand for. They have strong values, recognize their personal capabilities, and are confident in meeting the challenges that lie before them. Courageous people are passionate and purposeful.

How do we use courage?

Courage sentence example

  1. I know you have the courage to talk to him.
  2. Maybe the last situation was what gave her the courage to speak up when the inheritance tension came back.
  3. His words put courage into every heart.
  4. Finally she worked up the courage and turned on the computer.

What’s the verb of danger?

verb. dangered; dangering; dangers.

What is the verb for beauty?

14 English Words with 4 Forms

beauty beautify beautifully
benefit beneficiary benefit beneficially
creation creator create creatively
decision decide decisively

What does the word courage mean to you?

Courage means to a person that does what needs to be done regardless of cost or naysayers opinions, to fight for those who can’t fight, to stand up to and against those that accept substandard performance or complacency.

What is your personal definition of courage?

Courage (also called bravery or valour) is the choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.

What does the name Courage mean?

Origin and Meaning of Courage. According to a user from Nigeria, the name Courage is of English origin and means “Bravely”. A user from South Africa says the name Courage is of French origin and means “Bravery”.

What does courage and bravery mean?

Courage involves the presence of fear, while bravery lacks it. Courage entails a cause, most commonly love, passion, compassion, concern, etc. Bravery maintains its essence even without a cause. Courage is a result of mindfulness; it is one’s decision to fight despite one’s fears.