What is the generic drug for Lasix?

Furosemide (Lasix) is a potent diuretic (water pill) that is used to eliminate water and salt from the body.

What pharmacological class is furosemide?

Furosemide is in a class of medications called diuretics (‘water pills’). It works by causing the kidneys to get rid of unneeded water and salt from the body into the urine.

Is Lasix a trade or generic name?

Furosemide can also be used to decrease calcium in the blood (hypercalcemia). Furosemide is available under the following different brand names: Lasix.

What is the generic name for diuretics?

Thiazide diuretics

Generic name Brand name examples
chlorothiazide Diuril
chlorthalidone Thalitone
hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) Aquazide H, Microzide
indapamide Lozol

Is it OK to take Lasix everyday?

The maximum daily dose for Lasix tablets is 600 mg. A Lasix overdose can produce severe dehydration, low blood volume, low potassium, and severe electrolyte depletion.

What medications should not be taken with Lasix?

Drug interactions of furosemide include aminoglycoside antibiotics, ethacrynic acid, aspirin, lithium, sucralfate, other antihypertensive drugs, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), cisplatin, cyclosporine, methotrexate, phenytoin, antibiotics, heart medications, laxatives, and steroids.

Is furosemide hard on the kidneys?

Water pills like hydrochlorothiazide and furosemide, used for high blood pressure and edema, can cause dehydration and can also lead to swelling and inflammation of the kidneys.

What is another name for Lasix?

Lasix (furosemide) is an anthranilic acid derivative that is used as a strong diuretic in adults and children to treat excessive fluid accumulation (edema) caused by congestive heart failure, liver failure, renal failure, and nephritic syndrome.

Can Lasix damage your kidneys?

If it continues for a long time, the heart and arteries may not function properly. This can damage the blood vessels of the brain, heart, and kidneys, resulting in a stroke, heart failure, or kidney failure.

Is Lasix generic or brand name?

Lasix is a brand name of the drug. You can buy as Lasix, so Furosemide . It is a prescription medicine, however generic Lasix is available online without prescription. An effective dosage of the drug is administered individually considering health profile, causes of the fluid retention, severity of symptoms presence,…

What class of drug is Lasix?

Lasix® (furosemide) is a prescription medicine that is used as a diuretic for high blood pressure and fluid retention. It is part of a class of medicines known as diuretics.

What is the other name for Lasix?

Lasix is the brand name of furosemide, a prescription drug used to eliminate extra water and salt in people who have problems with fluid retention.