What is the difference between the WR250R and WR250X?

The Yamaha WR250X uses the same engine and chassis as the dirt bike but in a more Tarmac-biased package. The more off road-biasedYamaha WR250R has off road wheels and tyres with a 21 inch front and 18 inch rear wheel with softer suspension with more travel to soak up off road punishment.

Is the WR250X discontinued?

I spoke with some of RevZilla’s dirt experts about the WR250R’s discontinuation and they were dismayed to hear that the WR was no more. They say the WR is one of the most popular choices for our dirt customers, and a fair number of Zillans own them, too. The WR is survived by the XT250 and the off-road-only WR250F.

Does Yamaha still make the WR250X?

The WR in both names indicates a wide-ratio gear box designed to offer good low-speed responsiveness in off-road situations while still being able to achieve freeway speeds. Yamaha announced the discontinuation of the WR250R in its 2021 lineup press release in 2020, making 2020 the last production year for the WR250R.

How fast does a WR250X go?

Top speed & performance
Max torque 17 ft-lb
Top speed 80 mph
1/4 mile acceleration
Tank range 120 miles

Is a WR250X street legal?

Although one might think the WR250R is a street-legal version of the off-road WR250F, it is an entirely different motorcycle, including the motor, frame, and suspension. Having said that, the 2020 Yamaha WR250R is a perfectly capable dual-sport motorcycle.

Is the Yamaha WR250X street legal?

Off-road riding is fun, exciting, challenging and helps build skills you can use on the street, but since the bike can only be ridden off-road in designated areas, first you have to get it there.

Why did they discontinue R6?

The news came first from Europe, that the Japanese brand would no longer make the Yamaha YZF-R6 for the European market because of the costs associated with Euro5 homologation, and because of the dwindling number of supersport models sold in the region each year.

How fast is a Yamaha tw200?

Yamaha TW200

Manufacturer Yamaha
Top speed 66-73 mph
Transmission 5-speed manual
Brakes 220 mm disc (front) 110 mm drum (rear)
Tires 130/80-18 (front) 180/80-14 (rear)

How heavy is a wr250r?

Yamaha WR 250R

Make Model Yamaha WR 250R
Rear Tyre 120/80 -18
Wheelbase 1420 mm / 55.9 in.
Seat Height 930 mm / 36.6 in
Dry Weight 126 kg / 278 lbs

How heavy is a WR250F?

Yamaha WR250F

Manufacturer Yamaha Motor Company
Weight 256 lb (116 kg) (claimed) (wet)
Fuel capacity 2.1 US gal (7.9 l; 1.7 imp gal)
Fuel consumption 71 mpg‑US (3.3 L/100 km; 85 mpg‑imp)
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How much horsepower does a WR250F have?

Cycle World Tested Specifications

Seat Height: 37.6 in.
Wet Weight: 254 lb.
Rear-Wheel Horsepower: 36.1 hp @ 12,000 rpm
Rear-Wheel Torque: 17.9 lb.-ft. @ 8,100 rpm

What kind of bike is the Yamaha WR250X?

Yamaha also offers the WR250F model, a bike dedicated to riders who favor finesse over brute force and prefer to go off-road. The Yamaha WR250F is one of those magic bikes that make you feel like a better rider and I am sure that the WR250X has an appropriate behavior.

What’s the price of a 2008 Yamaha WR250X?

The bike runs great and is a blast to ride. 2006 Yamaha 250f , board over 40, 450 rear spring, front forks have been repaired, tons of after market parts, made and tuned for racing motocross [email protected] $1,800.00 5018589926 2008 Yamaha Wr250x , Awesome ’08 Yamaha WR250X super moto motorcycle for sale.

How often do you change oil on a Yamaha WR250X?

Valves at 26k miles and oil change every 3k miles. Lower maintenance than most street bikes and far less than most other supermotos. It gets 70+mpg although it does take super unleaded. Had the stock tires when I got it, they were decent.

When did the Yamaha YZ series come out?

Yamaha started to put the bases of an off-road motorcycle empire known as the YZ series in 1974 when the first YZ model was produced. The bike featured aluminum alloy fuel tank, 28mm Mikuni round slide carburetor, and a five-speed gearbox.