What is the difference between his self and himself?

Himself is a reflexive pronoun that refers back to a male subject of a sentence or clause. Him self is a variant that should be avoided.

Is it himself or himself?

You should use himself in most contexts, since it is the correct version of this word. Hisself is considered a substandard dialectical variant.

When should you use himself?

Himself is used when the object of a verb or preposition refers to the same person as the subject of the verb, except in meaning [sense 3]. You use himself to refer to a man, boy, or male animal. He poured himself a whiskey and sat down in the chair. William went away muttering to himself.

What is the difference between her self and herself?

You use herself to emphasize the person or thing that you are referring to. Herself is sometimes used instead of ‘her’ as the object of a verb or preposition.

What can I say instead of himself?

What is another word for himself?

themself herself
themselves thonself

Can you end a sentence with himself?

Reflexive pronouns are words ending in -self or -selves that are used when the subject and the object of a sentence are the same (e.g., I believe in myself). The nine English reflexive pronouns are myself, yourself, himself, herself, oneself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, and themselves.

Why do the Irish say himself?

In Scottish and Irish English, “himself”—and “herself”—are used to refer to someone of importance, like the lord of the castle or the master of the house.

Is him/herself correct grammar?

“Him- or herself” is correct if you want to shorten “himself or herself.” The grammar term for this is suspending hyphen.

Is their self correct?

Theirself is a singular, gender-neutral pronoun used as an alternative to the plural-sounding themselves or to the gender-specific himself or herself. The singular, gender-neutral pronoun themself is synonymous with theirself.

Why isn’t themself a word?

The current Oxford English Dictionary Online does not have an entry for themself; however, under the entry for themselves it states that “themself” was the normal form of the third person plural reflexive pronoun until about 1540 and that this form had completely disappeared by about 1570, when it was superseded by …

Is themself a formal word?

Is it ever okay to say ‘themself’? As singular they becomes more widely accepted—and increasingly adopted formally by even traditional news outlets—the reflexive pronoun that logically goes with it is gaining traction too. As singular ‘they’ becomes more popular, ‘themself’ is also gaining traction.

Is it grammatically correct to say he himself?

“Himself” here is actually an intensifier rather than a reflexive pronoun (the World Atlas of Language Structures notes that they are often identical). As such it very much belongs with the noun phrase it is intensifying (“He”), and splitting them with a comma would weaken that relationship.