What is the CSU GE pattern?

The CSU GE (California State University General Education) pattern is a series of courses that community college students can use to satisfy lower division general education requirements at any campus of the California State University (CSU).

What is the general education pattern?

General Education (G.E.) is a pattern of courses determined by a 4-year institution to represent its “general” or “breadth” philosophy of what constitutes a well-educated graduate. Each college has its own philosophy of education; its own G.E. pattern.

What are GE areas?

GE Areas:

  • Oral Communication (A1)
  • Written Communication (A2)
  • Critical Thinking (A3)
  • Physical Science (B1)
  • Life Science (B2)
  • Laboratory Experience (B3)
  • Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (B4)
  • Upper Division in Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning (B-UD)

What are the GE requirements for CSU?

All CSU students must meet the minimum of 48 semester units of General Education (GE)-breadth requirements in order to earn the bachelor’s degree. The GE requirement includes 39 semester units of lower-division coursework and at least nine semester units of upper-division coursework.

What is the difference between a CSU and a UC?

Unlike the UC schools, which focus more on research and academic publishing, CSU focuses more on helping students develop professional, practical skills that will lead them to great jobs right out of college.

What is CSU C1?

​C1. Arts: (e.g., Arts, Cinema, Dance, Music Theater) C2. Humanities: (e.g., Literature, Philosophy, Languages Other than English)

How many general education patterns are there?

For community college students planning to transfer to California public higher education institutions, two GE options exist: The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) and the CSU GE Breadth pattern of courses.

Which general education pattern is accepted by the UC’s?

All UC and CSU campuses will accept the completed IGETC to satisfy all lower-division general education requirements. However, individual colleges or majors within a CSU or UC campus may not accept IGETC for meeting general education.

What are the golden 4 classes?

The Golden Four represent the four basic skills general education requirements (one course in each area: oral communication, written communication, critical thinking, and mathematics/quantitative reasoning). You need to have completed these four courses with a grade of “C-” or higher.

What is the 7 course pattern?

The seven-course pattern is a subset of the IGETC pattern which means students will be prepared to meet the junior transfer admission requirements. Determine if completion of the full UC IGETC pattern (or IGETC for STEM) is a good option for a student.

How many units of GE do you need to complete CPP?

twelve quarter units
Students must complete a minimum of twelve quarter units of upper division general education which may be taken no sooner than the quarter in which the student achieves upper division status. Twelve quarter units of the total general education program must be completed in residence at Cal Poly Pomona.

What general ed classes do I need?

General Education Requirements

  • Writing (9 credits)
  • Math/Algebra (3 credits)
  • Quantitative and Formal Reasoning (3 credits)
  • Diversity (3 credits)
  • Language/Oral and Professional Communication (6-10 credits)
  • Humanities and Arts, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences (27 credits)