What is the capacity of the former Riverfront Coliseum?

The Coliseum holds 18,000 for concert events.

When was Riverfront Coliseum built?

September 9, 1975
Heritage Bank Center/Opened

What is US Bank Arena called now?

Firstar Center
In 1997, the facility became known as The Crown, and in 1999 it changed its name again to Firstar Center after Firstar Bank assumed naming rights….Heritage Bank Center.

Former names Riverfront Coliseum (1975–1997) The Crown (1997–1999) Firstar Center (1999–2002) U.S. Bank Arena (2002–2019)
Address 100 Broadway Street

Who plays at the Heritage Bank Center?

Cincinnati Cyclones
Heritage Bank Center/Teams

Why was Riverfront demolished?

In 2001, to make room for Great American Ball Park, the seating capacity at Cinergy Field was reduced to 39,000. There was a huge in-play wall in center field visible after the renovations, to serve as the batter’s eye. The stadium was demolished by implosion on December 29, 2002.

How many people does the Riverfront Stadium seat?

Riverfront Stadium/Capacity

How many people can fit in US Bank Arena?

U.S. Bank Stadium/Capacity

What is US Bank arena used for?

The current main tenant is the Cincinnati Cyclones of the ECHL. The arena was the home of the Cincinnati Stingers of the World Hockey Association from 1975 to 1979….U.S. Bank Arena.

Capacity Concert: 17,556 Basketball: 17,000 Ice hockey or arena football: 14,453
Broke ground November 12, 1973
Opened September 9, 1975

Where is the US Bank Arena?

downtown Cincinnati
U.S. Bank Arena is an indoor arena, located in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, along the banks of the Ohio River, next to the Great American Ball Park.

What happened to the Cincinnati Gardens?

When it opened, its seating capacity of 11,000+ made it the seventh largest indoor arena in the United States. The Cincinnati Gardens’ first event was an exhibition hockey game….Cincinnati Gardens.

Opened February 22, 1949
Closed July 21, 2016
Demolished March 2018
Construction cost $3 Million ($32.6 million in 2020 dollars)

Do the Reds and Bengals play in the same stadium?

Construction of the stadium along the riverfront began on February 1, 1968. Over 60,000 fans filled Riverfront Stadium during the opening game. Four tiers of multicolored seats circled the entire Astroturf playing field. The Bengals shared the stadium with the Cincinnati Reds (MLB).

What does berm seating mean?

While most fans sit in stadium seats or on bleachers, another popular choice is sitting on the grass berm beyond the outfield fence. It spans much of the outfield, offering a ton of seating space for fans.

What was the ticket policy at the Riverfront Coliseum?

The general-admission ticketing policy for rock concerts at Cincinnati’s Riverfront Coliseum in the 1970s was known as “festival seating.” That term and that ticketing policy would become infamous in the wake of one of the deadliest rock-concert incidents in history.

How big is the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati?

It was completed in September 1975 and named Riverfront Coliseum because of its placement next to Riverfront Stadium. The arena seats 17,556 people and is the largest indoor arena in the Greater Cincinnati region with 346,100 square feet (32,150 m2) of space.

When did the Cincinnati Bearcats move to the Riverfront Coliseum?

Cincinnati Bearcats men’s basketball utilized Riverfront Coliseum as their home court from 1976 to 1987. During the Bearcats’ tenancy the venue hosted the 1978 and 1983 Metro Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament.

When did Metallica play at the Riverfront Coliseum?

Riverfront Coliseum has had 273 concerts Date Concert Apr 17, 2020 Animals Tour Pink Floyd Apr 16, 1997 Metallica / Corrosion Of Conformity Apr 15, 1997 Poor Touring Me Metallica Mar 01, 1997 George Strait / Mindy McCready