What is the best Scottish single malt?

With a style out there for everyone, here are the best single malt scotch whiskies available in a range of categories.

  • Best Overall: Aberlour 16 Year Old.
  • Best Under $100: Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie.
  • Best Under $50: The Glenlivet 12 Year Old.
  • Best Value: Aberfeldy 12 Year Old.

How many Scottish single malts are there?

Single MaltScotch Whisky Currently there are around 90 operating malt whisky distilleries in Scotland – it is difficult to be precise, since sometimes distilleries go out of production for periods, in order to balance stock levels. Single malts from a further 30-odd now closed distilleries may still be found.

What is the best selling single malt scotch in Scotland?

Top 10 best-selling Scotch malt whiskies

  • 1: Glenfiddich. Sales in 2017: 1.22m cases.
  • 2: The Glenlivet. Sales in 2017: 1.07m cases.
  • 3: Macallan. Sales in 2017: 907,000 cases.
  • 4: Singleton. Sales in 2017: 518,000 cases.
  • 5: Glenmorangie. Sales in 2017: 508,000 cases.
  • 6: Balvenie.
  • 7: Monkey Shoulder.
  • 8: Laphroaig.

What is the best single malt whiskey UK?

Best Scotch whisky brands to try including top single malt and blended options

  1. The Macallan Single Malt, £59.50.
  2. 15 Year Old Speyburn Whisky, £53.90.
  3. Bunnahabhain 11-Year-Old, £73.95.
  4. Highland Park 18 Year Whisky, £99.95.
  5. Bowmore Darkest 15 Year Whisky, £50.25.
  6. Highland Black Scotch Whisky, £12.99.
  7. Ardmore Legacy, £29.95.

What is the most popular Scottish whiskey?

Data shared by The Spirits Business shows that Johnnie Walker remains the most popular Scotch whisky label, with more than double the number of cases sold in 2020 compared to Ballantine’s, its closest competitor. Grant’s, William Lawson’s, and Chivas Regal rank third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively.

Is Glenfiddich single malt?

Glenfiddich is the world’s biggest-selling single malt whisky. Distilled in Dufftown, Moray of Scotland, it was one of the first brands to be marketed as a single malt. It was founded in Dufftown in 1886 by William Grant, who b…

What is a good single malt whiskey?

Taiwan’s Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique is now officially the best single malt whiskey on earth, according to the World Whiskies Awards. The contest’s judges described the malt as “surprisingly smooth on the palate” and added: “it’s like Bourbon infused milk chocolate.”.

What is the true definition of single malt whisky?

Here’s a quick bonus lesson on whisky lingo: Single-Malt Whisky – A scotch that’s made entirely of malted barley originating from the same distillery. Single-Grain Whisky – A scotch that uses other grains in addition to or instead of barley. Single-Barrel Whisky / Single-Cask Whisky – Whiskies bottled from a single barrel.

What does single malt mean?

“A single malt is the produce of one single distillery.” A single malt is defined as whisky made from malted barley, at a single distillery, aged for at least three years in either American oak or European (Spanish) oak casks, and bottled at a minimum ABV of 40%.

What is the recommended Scotch?

Here are a few recommendations: Laphroaig Scotch is your best choice if you like strong smoky notes. Try Scotches from Lagavulin , Dalwhinnie , or Ardbeg for a balance between smoky notes and sweetness. If you love citrus and other fruity flavors, we recommend Scotch from Balvenie or Glenkinchie.