What is the best approach for the big score GTA 5?

obvious approach
For maximum cash, the best choice is the obvious approach, with Karim Denz and Taliana Martinez as the two drivers; and Daryl Johns and Norm Richards or Hugh Welsh as the two gunman, adding well over $41 million for each character (more if the player chooses the A ending).

What should I invest in before the big score?

Summary: Prior to “The Multi-Target Assassination” have all your characters invest into Debonaire (DEB) Cigarettes, Redwood’s rival, until your return on investment is around 100% (highest possible is 103.27%). Once you sell your stocks, proceed to purchase Redwood (RWC) Cigarettes, at about 38$ per share.

How do you do the big score in GTA 5?

Mission 74 – The Big Score general information Way to unlock: You need to complete main mission 73 (Meltdown). You may now go to Trevor’s strip club (letter H on the world map). Additional information: This one is a very short mission which entirely revolves around planning another big heist.

Should I pick subtle or obvious?

It is important to make the right choices for this heist as it gives the biggest payout of any mission. The Obvious approach will get the highest revenue as in the Subtle approach the player will have to pay a $300,000 bribe, a minimum of $30,000 to upgrade the Bravados and requires a bigger and more expensive crew.

Is the big score the final mission?

The Big Score is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V. It is the sixth and final heist mission that protagonists Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton execute. It is also the penultimate mission in the storyline.

What is the Big Score mission in GTA 5?

The Big Score is the final Heist mission in IGN’s Grand Theft Auto 5 Walkthrough. This guide will highlight the main mission strategies and Gold Medal requirements needed to complete every main story mission.

How to do Subtle heist in GTA 5?

If you chose to do the “Subtle” approach for the heist, the requirements are not as extreme than it was for the “Obvious” approach. When the mission begins, get in the car and drive over to the waypoint under the tunnel. When given the signal by Trevor, drop the spikes onto the road and drive away to trigger a cutscene.

What do you need for subtle in GTA 5?

For choice A (‘The Subtle Approach’) you will need; 2 gunmen, 2 drivers and 1 hacker. Lester Explains; The first gunman comes into the bank with you, helps you move the gold into the reinforced hot rods (the Bravado’s you modded).

What to do at the bridge in GTA 5?

After the traffic lights are cleared, the gang is ambushed by the Merryweather guys under the bridge, so bust out your weapons and start shooting all the hostiles down. Several waves will show up, so stay in cover and switching between Michael, Franklin, and Trevor until all is cleared.