What is territory management in CRM?

In most CRM systems, the term territory management designates a process of lead routing and account management based on a prospect or customer location. Territory management in CRM software offers a number of advantages. For example, it allows one to compare sales or marketing statistics between different territories.

How do you manage territories?

What are Some Territory Management Best Practices?

  1. Prioritize your most valuable sales territories. This may sound like common sense, but your best sales reps should be assigned to the territories with the greatest potential.
  2. Track data to stay ahead of the competition.
  3. Maximizing Your Scheduling.

What is territory management in Zoho CRM?

Territory Management is a system by which customer accounts are grouped based on a defined set of criteria. This makes for easy sharing of customer accounts among different sales teams in your company.

What is time and territory management?

Time and territory management is best defined as “getting the most out of your sales day by planning the most efficient use of scarce resources.” Each year my team at SalesGravy.com is hired by companies and sales organizations to teach Sales Professionals how to better manage their time and territories.

What are the benefits of territory management?

Key benefits of territory management include:

  • The ability to use account criteria to expand a private sharing model.
  • Support for complex and frequently changed sales organization structures.
  • Support for transferring users between territories, with the option to retain opportunities.

How do I set up territory management in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter Territory in the Quick Find box, and then select Territory Settings. Click Enable Enterprise Territory Management. Select the most restrictive access levels, and then click Save.

Why is territory management important?

Sales territory management is more important than many may realise. It can boost your sales team’s morale, increase sales, provide a larger customer base and inspire team cohesion. Territory management is a customer group or geographic area over which either an individual salesperson or a sales team has responsibility.

How do I assign a territory in Zoho CRM?

Territory managers can manually assign records to their territories and sub territories. Users with Administrator profile can also manually assign territories to records. Territories that are manually added can only be removed manually. Automatically assigned territories cannot be removed manually.

How do I disable territory management in Zoho CRM?

On disabling, the deals will be automatically reassigned to the territories based on the associated account’s territory. When you enable again, deals will be automatically assigned to territories based on the Deal Rules. Go to Setup > Users and Control > Territory Management > Territories.

What is a territory plan?

A sales territory plan is a workable plan for targeting the right customers and implementing goals for income and consistent sales growth over time. Traditionally, sales territories were created by geographical location.

What is the role of territory manager?

Territory Managers are generally required to travel and provide face-to faces sales and customer services to their clients. Performance is usually measured through increasing sales revenue or developing new business relationships in the area.

What are the common problems associated with territory management?


  • It’s a hassle to use Excel and export data.
  • It doesn’t work well in other parts of the globe that have spotty postal code data.
  • It’s virtually impossible to identify contiguous regions without seeing them on a map.

What are the responsibilities of a territory manager?

Responsibilities. A territory manager may need to improve customer service relations between the company and clients; organize seminars and trade shows; develop a sales and marketing plan for a territory; monitor costs and make changes to operations to improve profits; and develop effective ways to market products into a territory.

Some key benefits of territory management are that reps can be utilized more effectively, companies can do a better job of balancing sales territories equitably and territorial assignments can be automated and resources can be utilized to their optimal revenue-driving effect.

What does a territory manager do?

A territory manager is an experienced sales professional who concentrates on increasing sales in a particular geographical area. These managers can be found in a wide variety of industries, from telecommunications to consumer products to food services.

Territory management can help spread out the workload for your sales team, allowing them to complete tasks more efficiently, build better customer relationships and increase the good-quality leads that they get.