What is Storia Scholastic?

Storia School Edition is a unique eReading experience designed in close collaboration with Scholastic’s reading experts to inspire today’s kids with a love for reading, while offering teachers the tools they need to better support the literacy of every child in the classroom.

How much does Scholastic Storia cost?

Prices start at $2,000, and a subscription is intended to cover an entire grade level or an entire school. Scholastic has also said that a family streaming version of Storia should be available through book clubs and book fairs in 2015.

How do teachers find their class code on scholastic?

Your Class Code is always displayed on your Scholastic Book Club home page, your Account page, and on your Teacher’s Desk (shown below).

How do I add students to Storia?

1 From within Storia, select Classes in the navigation at the top of the screen. reading group. 3 Select Groupson the left side of your screen. 4 Select + Add a Group in the top right corner.

Does Scholastic have ebooks?

We’re thrilled to announce we now have Scholastic ebooks to share with our school partners for the first time! We’re so excited to share this expanded catalog with you. There are so many modern classics, popular favorites and new release now available.

How do I access BookFlix?

Get started on BookFlix! Call 1-800-387-1437 to speak to a Scholastic Specialist.

Does Scholastic have online books?

Scholastic Is Giving Free Online Books and Lessons To Make It Easy to Entertain Young Learners. We may have tons of time at home now, but I’m not spending those hours sorting through Pinterest to find activities to keep my kids entertained.

Can I order directly from Scholastic?

If you choose to ship to home, your books will ship directly to you and we’ll notify your teachers! Plus with an order or $25 or more, you get FREE Shipping and a FREE $5 Book Pick (use code: READS). Teachers: Your class Book Box can be delivered to your home or school.

How do I order Scholastic flyers?

If you need flyers, request the catalogs you’d like to receive at scholastic.com/catalog and they will be mailed to you at your school. Make sure to write your Class Activation Code in the top left corner. Parents can use your unique activation code to link directly to you at scholastic.com/bookclubs.

How do I change my scholastic grade level?

You can change your class settings from the Manage Access page within your Educator Dashboard. Select the class you would like to manage and then select the Class Settings dropdown menu.

How can I get free ebooks for my school?

10 Places to Find Free Ebooks for Remote Learning

  1. Libby/Overdrive. Libby is the newer, more user-friendly version of the Overdrive app that connects to public libraries.
  2. Sora.
  3. Audible Stories.
  4. Epic Books.
  5. Mackin Classics.
  6. Oxford Owl.
  7. New York Public Library.
  8. Project Gutenburg.

How do I get scholastic BookFlix?

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