What is Promogran Prisma used for?

Promogran Prisma is a topical wound treatment containing collagen, oxidised- regenerated cellulose (ORC) and 1% silver-ORC. It is a protease-modulating matrix that has the potential to alter the wound environment by reducing the protease activity in the wound and thus stimulate healing.

How often should Promogran Prisma be changed?

Based on instructions of use, the dressing should be changed every 72 hours or more frequently if the exudate level is high. If the gel has not biodegraded the dressing should be left in place until the next dressing change, minimising disturbance to the wound.

Do you moisten Prisma?

Cut Prisma to completely cover the wound bed. If the wound is moist, apply dry piece of Prisma directly on the wound. If the wound is dry, apply Prisma on the wound and then moisten it lightly with normal saline.

How do you use Prisma?

Apply directly to wound, covering the entire wound bed. PROMOGRAN PRISMA® Matrix forms a gel on contact with exudate or through saline hydration. 2. Cover PROMOGRAN PRISMA® Matrix with a secondary dressing to maintain a moist wound healing environment.

How long can you use Promogran Prisma?

PROMOGRAN PRISMA™ Matrix must be covered with either gauze, a non-adhering or a hydropolymer dressing in order to maintain a moist wound healing environment. After initial application, re-treat the wound with PROMOGRAN PRISMA™ Matrix up to every 72 hours depending upon the amount of exudate.

What is the difference between Promogran and Promogran Prisma?

PROMOGRAN® is a sterile, freeze-dried composite of 55% collagen and 45% oxidised regenerated cellulose (ORC). PROMOGRAN PRISMA® matrix is a freeze-dried composite of 55% collagen, 44% oxidised regenerated cellulose (ORC) and 1% ORC/silver.

Can you cut Promogran Prisma?

If necessary, PROMOGRAN PRISMA™ Matrix can be cut using clean scissors, ripped or folded to fit the wound bed. 3. For a small or deep exuding wound, cut the dressing prior to application or pack dressing into the wound.

How do I remove Promogran Prisma?

No, it is not necessary to remove PROMOGRAN PRISMA™ Matrix. You do however need to remove the secondary dressing as directed by your clinician. Cover with an appropriate secondary dressing as directed by your clinician.