What is mc2 zoning Calgary?

M-2: medium profile district; developing area that is primarily for 4 to 5 storey apartment buildings. M-C1: contextual low profile; developed area that is primarily for 3 to 4 storey apartment buildings and townhouses.

What is a land use approval?

A redesignation changes the land use district of a property to allow for a development that is currently not allowed. Applications can be accepted for all listed uses, but only permitted uses are guaran​​teed approval, as long as the proposal meets all of the Land Use Bylaw rules.

What is RC 1 zoning Calgary?

A look at Calgary’s land use districts and zones: RC-1: Can accommodate residential development in the form of a single-detached dwelling. RC-1N: Can accommodate residential development on narrow or small parcels in the form of single-detached dwellings. RM-2: Can accommodate residential low density, multiple dwelling.

What does Zone CC mean in Calgary?

Community Commercial
PURPOSE: The purposes of the Community Commercial (CC) Zone are to: provide for a zoning district which would allow businesses which provide convenient goods and services to a daytime work population as well as the residences of adjacent neighborhoods within a planned and architecturally unified development; provide …

How do I get a legal description of my property in Calgary?

Searching for land titles requires us to have the legal land description or land title number. You can find this number on taxation assessments, mortgages, previous land titles or at your local taxation office. If you don’t know what the legal land description is, we can find it via the street address.

What does R1 zoning mean in Georgia?

Single-family Residential District
R1 Single-family Residential District (low density)

How do you create a land use plan?

  1. Establish goals and terms of reference.
  2. Organize the work.
  3. Analyse the problems.
  4. Identify opportunities for change.
  5. Evaluate land suitability.
  6. Appraise the alternatives: environmental, economic and social analysis.
  7. Choose the best option.
  8. Prepare the land-use plan.

What is a land use amendment?

The zoning amendment procedure is a discretionary review process to consider the rezoning of land, or the revision of specific policy language in the zoning ordinance.

What is Zone rm2?

The RM-2 Mixed Housing Type Residential Zone intent is to create, maintain, and enhance residential areas characterized by a mix of single family home, duplexes, townhouses, and small multi-unit buildings.

What does RC 2 zoning mean Calgary?

Residential – Contextual One / Two Dwelling District, (R-C2) R-C2 is a residential designation in developed areas that is primarily for single detached, side-by-side and duplex homes. Single detached and side-by-side homes may include a secondary suite. Land Use Bylaw – R-C2.

How do I find my property lines in Calgary?

The simplest way to know for sure where your property lines are is to have a Land Surveyor locate and mark your property lines for you. A second option is to use the most current and updated Real Property Report for the property.

How do I find the plot plan for my property?

Any local title firm can obtain a formal copy of the plot plan, and some real estate offices pay fees to access the formal maps from the title companies or government agencies. Contact a real estate agent or request a preliminary or formal title report for a copy of the plot plan.

Where can I buy a copy of Land Use Bylaw 1p2007?

A print copy of the Land Use Bylaw 1P2007 is available for purchase through CITYonline, or phone 311. The amending bylaws, as signed by the Mayor, are also available to be reviewed. Land Use Bylaw Amendments July 5, 2021

When did Calgary Land Use Bylaw go into effect?

About the Land Use Bylaw The City of Calgary’s Land Use Bylaw (1P2007) has been in effect since June 1, 2008. It outlines the rules and regulations for development of land in Calgary for each district (zone) as well as the process of making decisions for development permit applications.

What are the land use districts in Calgary?

Commercial – Regional 1 District (C-R1) C-R1 is a regional commercial designation that is primarily for large-format big box stores. Land Use Bylaw – C-R1. C-R2. Commercial – Regional 2 District (C-R2) C-R2 is a regional commercial designation that is primarily for large enclosed shopping malls and shopping centres.

What does Land Use Bylaw r-c1n stand for?

Land Use Bylaw – R-C1Ls R-C1N is a residential designation in developed areas that is primarily for single detached homes on narrow or small parcels where homes may include a secondary suite. Land Use Bylaw – R-C1N