What is MassHealth customer service number?

Call the MassHealth Customer Service Center at 800-841-2900 (TTY: 800-497-4648). Hours: Monday- Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How do I contact MassHealth?

For questions, please call the MassHealth Customer Service Center at 1-800-841-2900.

Can I check my MassHealth status online?

If you want to see information about your health assistance benefits online, use My Account Page. My Account Page can help you manage your MassHealth, Commonwealth Care, Health Safety Net, Children’s Medical Security Plan and Healthy Start benefits.

How can I check if my MassHealth is active?


  1. Access member eligibility information from the EVS Internet site through the POSC.
  2. Click Manage Members.
  3. Click Eligibility.
  4. Click Verify Member Eligibility.
  5. On the Check Member Eligibility panel, select the provider from the drop-down list.
  6. Enter either the member’s:

What is the income limit for MassHealth?

2021 MassHealth Income Standards and Federal Poverty Guidelines

Family Size MassHealth Income Standards 150% Federal Poverty Level
1 $522 $19,320
2 $650 $26,136
3 $775 $32,940
4 $891 $39,756

How do you qualify for MassHealth?

A young adult 19 or 20 years of age. An adult 21 through 64 years of age. Pregnant. Disabled.

How do I email MassHealth?

Email: [email protected] (For non-member-specific questions only. This e mail is not secure. DO NOT SEND US PERSONAL INFORMATION.) Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

How do I access my MassHealth account?

My Account Page can be accessed at: www.mass.gov/vg/selfservice. To use My Account Page you must be the head of household (the person who signed the application for benefits) and must be getting benefits yourself.

How do I get proof of insurance from MassHealth?

If you can’t find your 1099-HC, you can call us at (866) 682-6745; TTY: (800) 497-4648) for a replacement copy. If you would like to request a Form 1095-B, you may visit our self-service site at www.masshealthtaxform.com.

Does MassHealth check bank accounts?

MassHealth does not look at your savings– you can have a large bank account or trust or things like that. You can only have up to $2,000 in savings, although there are certain types of assets that are not counted towards this limit.

Who qualifies for MassHealth standard?

MassHealth Standard serving families, children under 19, independent foster care adolescents who age out of DSS care or custody until the age of 21, pregnant women, disabled individuals and certain women with breast or cervical cancer.

Can you get MassHealth for free?

Medicaid provides free or low-cost health coverage to eligible needy persons.

How to contact MassHealth customer service for providers?

Main: Call MassHealth Customer Service Center for Providers, Main: at (800) 841-2900 Open Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–5 p.m. TTY: Call MassHealth Customer Service Center for Providers, TTY: at (800) 497-4648

Where to find MassHealth billing and claims information?

Billing and claims information for MassHealth providers This page includes important information for MassHealth providers about billing and submitting claims. What would you like to do?

What kind of health care does MassHealth offer?

MassHealth provides health and dental care benefits to individuals and families including people with disabilities MassHealth may provide health and dental care for people who are age 65 and older and individuals who need long-term-care services. Explore our site to learn helpful information for people with disabilities.

What are the hours for mass health choices?

Hours: Mon–Fri: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. MassHealth Choices: Learn, Compare, and Enroll in a health plan MassHealth Choices is the place learn about, compare, and enroll in a MassHealth health plan. Find primary care providers near where you live.