What is kek lapis made of?

Sarawak layer cake

A colourful Kek Lapis containing raisins
Alternative names Kek lapis Sarawak, Kek lapis Moden Sarawak, Kek Sarawak, Kek lapis
Place of origin Malaysia
Region or state Sarawak
Main ingredients Butter or vegetable oil, milk, eggs, jam

What is a thousand layer cake?

Spekkoek is a Dutch-Indonesian layered cake. It’s also known as spekkuk and kue lapis legit. Another name is ‘Thousand Layer Cake’ due to the many layers the cake is made of. A proper spekkoek should have more than 18 layers. Each layer is baked individually by grilling/broiling it.

What is Sarawak style?

Basically, ultra thin cake layers are cooked and then bonded together with sticky jam or filling. They are then cut and re-layered into intricate designs. All Sarawak cakes must have at least two colors and, well, something else…

Why is Kueh Lapis so expensive?

Due to the effort required to bake the cake, it is a rather expensive delicacy, costing about €20 per kilogram in 2010 in the Netherlands. In Indonesia, a similar-sized lapis legit can cost up to Rp 400,000 (about €12.50).

How long can kueh lapis last?

The cake can be kept at room temperature in a container for 1 week or in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

What does Kueh Lapis taste like?

How does kueh lapis taste like? Many often compare its texture to pudding. While it may be soft and wobbly, every bite of the kueh has a firm and springy mouth feel. It has a rich flavour of coconut milk as that is one of the main ingredients of the recipe.

What is grilling in British baking?

In Britain, grill actually means to broil. The heating comes from the top instead of the bottom.

How do you make layer cakes at home?

How to Build a Layer Cake

  1. Use a good recipe.
  2. Make sure all your layers are the same height.
  3. Chill your layers before assembly.
  4. I just decide before hand how thick I want my layer to be and then use an appropriate amount of frosting.
  5. Place your first layer on your cake stand.
  6. Place your next layer on top.

What makes a good kueh lapis?

It should have beautifully even layers that come together in a smooth, rich and dense mouthful, with a good balance of quality butter (there’s so much of it in the cake, so cheap butter is unforgivable) and warm, toasty notes of archipelago spices.

Why is my kueh lapis dry?

If your heat is too low, your lapis will take too long to brown, hence producing a dryer cake as the entire cake has been in the oven for too long. If your heat is too high, your layer will burn and you will notice a lot of “holes” in your lapis.

Should kueh be refrigerated?

Each slice is moist, rich and a little dense. Kueh Lapis usually taste better as it ages since the flavours continue to develop even after it has been baked. As such, our Kueh Lapis need to be refrigerated in the chiller (not the freezer).

How to make a nine layer cake in Malaysia?

This Saturday 16 September is Malaysia Day, and the perfect excuse to whip up a nine layer cake of your own. A delicious steamed rice flour and coconut cake that looks too good to eat. Step 1 Bring the sugar and water to a boil in a small saucepan, reduce the heat and simmer, stirring, until the sugar has dissolved.

How to make kuih lapis steamed layer cake?

Stir well and leave aside to cool. Mix tapioca flour and rice flour together and gradually blend well into coconut liquid with a hand whisk. Then strain mixture through a sieve to ensure it is free from lumps. Divide mixture in two equal portions and add desire colouring into one portion, keeping one portion white.

How long to bake Indonesian layer cake in oven?

Put cake pan into oven for 1 minute. Put a small ladle ( about 2.5 oz. /70 g) batter into pan and spread evenly. Bake for 5 minutes or till the top is brown. Remove from oven and and scoop the same amount of batter for the second layer.

What kind of cake is Indonesian layer cake?

Indonesian Layer Cake (Kek Lapis) – Very unique cake where spices are added in to give the sweet aroma smell. It is a very rich cake which is easy to make. My intern Siew Loon is back with yet another mouthwatering and decadent dessert recipe —Indonesia layer cake or kek lapis.