What is Form XV?

Application for registration of changes in the particulars of copyright entered in the Register of Copyrights. [See rule 70] To The Registrar of Copyrights, Copyright Office, New Delhi.

What is Form B register?

Form B – Register of Fines. Employer shall maintain a register in the given format with employee particulars such as name, department, nature and date of the offence, whether given opportunity for employee to give show cause, wage rate, amount of fine imposed with date, and date on which fine was realised.

What is Form 2 in contract Labour act?

Form 2 – Application for registration and grant of renewal of licence for the year. An occupier of a factory is required to obtain a Licence under the provisions of the act.

What is the service certificate?

Service certificate: Service certificate or certificate of service is the written document provided by the company/employer at the time of the termination or separation this document contains statement testifying employee service and reference.

What is form ABCD?

Home / Registers, Forms, Account Books Of Acts and Laws / Form a b c d under contract labour act – New Contract Labour Laws Registers , also called abcd register as per contract labour law act 2017.

What is wage register?

This covers employee details, number of days worked, wage rate, basic wage, dearness allowance, overtime wage, other cash payments, total earnings and deductions, net amount, and time/date/place of payment. Employer shall maintain a register as per the given format for a wage period.

What is Form II?

FORM II-A. Form of application for certification for public exhibition of a film imported into India. [See sub-rule (1) of rule 21] No. and date of application (to be entered by Board’s office)

How do I request a service certificate?

Dear Sir/Madam, I am ________ (your name) and I am writing this letter to request for issuance of the service certificate. Courteously, I am working in your company as a _______ (designation) for the last _____ (no. of months/years).

How do I get a service certificate?

The format of the Service certificate will include the following details, such as:

  1. Name of the employer.
  2. Name of the employee.
  3. Date of engagement.
  4. Date of discharge.
  5. Nature of employment.
  6. Employee provident fund account number.
  7. Reasons for the separation.
  8. Info on employee performance.

How to register an establishment employing contract labour?

FORM I Application for registration of establishments employing Contract Labour [Rule 17(1)] 1. Name & location of the establishment: 2. Postal address of the establishment: 3. Full name and address of the Principal Employer (furnish father’s name in case of individuals): 4. Full name and address of the manager or person responsible

How to obtain form III registration certificate of establishment?

Form III – Registration certificate of establishment should be obtained by each and every employer after registering their establishment with the concerned labour department. Form III – Registration certificate of establishment

Where do I apply for a contractor license?

Contractors require license to employ contract labour. Application for license shall be submitted to the concerend Labour Commissioner with required fee and certificate. Application shall be made in triplicate.

Where to send Challan copy for Labour license?

Email:[email protected] If Payment has been done through challan for Contract labour License(fresh application), kindly send your challan copy and application details at [email protected] Nivesh mitra user can login here with UnitId