What is CLMLServer?

CLMLServer.exe is a part of Cyberlink Media Library Server (I have Medion PC).Some malware camouflage themselves as CLMLServer.exe, especially if they are in c:\windows or c:\windows\system32 folder veecou. its a file from cyberlink media library ..its not dangerous.i have it to Copperhead.

What does CyberLink Media Library Service do?

CyberLink Media Library is an application that runs in the background if you use certain programs from CyberLink. Its main purpose is to organize and track your media files so that the main CyberLink software can work better.

What is Hpwuschd application?

hpwuschd.exe is part of the HP Update program. You may remove the process from teh startup, which means that HP Update will not run automatically.

What is masacuil?

msascuil.exe (or MSASCuiL.exe) is a legitimate file/process, which is a part of Microsoft Windows 10. This file can be found in the “C:\Program Files\Windows Defender” folder and is part of the Windows Defender user interface. The purpose of msascuil.exe is (or was) to display the Windows Defender icon in the taskbar.

What is DolbyDAX2TrayIcon startup?

DolbyDAX2TrayIcon.exe is an executable exe file which belongs to the DolbyDAX2TrayIcon process which comes along with the Dolby Audio Software developed by Dolby Laboratories software developer.

Can I disable CyberLink virtual drive?

To disabled a mounted disc image, do this: In the new task window, select the Disc Utilities option and then Virtual Drive. The Power2Go Virtual Drive window displays. Select the Disable virtual drive option.

Can I disable GrooveMonitor utility?

GrooveMonitor.exe runs a process associated with Microsoft Office Groove, a defunct Microsoft Office 2007 feature that allowed document collaboration with people over the Internet. This process can be safely disabled through the System Configuration Panel. Press the Windows key + R, type “msconfig”, and press Enter.

What is IAStorIcon and do I need it?

IAStorIcon.exe is a Windows process provided by Intel It starts with Windows by default and will display messages related to storage devices that are connected to the computer. When selected, the Intel Rapid Storage Technology tool will open.

Can I disable CCX process?

As mentioned earlier, legitimate version of this process is safe and might appear due to conflict with AVG or another antivirus solution. In such scenario, you can safely disable CCXProcess.exe using instructions given below. Press Windows key + R at the same time to launch Run prompt.

What does Csrss EXE do?

The csrss.exe process is an important part of the Windows operating system. Before Windows NT 4.0, which was released in 1996, csrss.exe was responsible for the entire graphical subsystem, including managing windows, drawing things on the screen, and other related operating system functions.

How to remove clmlserver.exe from my computer?

To remove such self-hiding program, use specialized tool “EasyRemove” – see below TIP: Save your time and remove all occurences of clmlserver.exe from your computer, including clones and hidden copies with EasyRemove. Download EasyRemove and get your computer fixed within minutes.

How big is clmlserver.exe in Windows 10?

Known file sizes on Windows 10/8/7/XP are 1,073,152 bytes (58% of all occurrences), 61,440 bytes, 1,081,344 bytes, 1,076,832 bytes or 24,576 bytes. The process runs as service, and the service name is CyberLink Media Library. The program is not visible. It is not a Windows system file.

What does clmlserver.exe do for PowerDVD?

CyberLink Media Suite is a suite of software applications designed for media playback, editing and image burning. CLMLServer.exe runs a process that updates media information in the library accessed by PowerDVD and Power Cinema.