What is CIPS qualification equivalent to?

CIPS Level 6 can be roughly compared to a bachelor’s degree or NVQ level 4, and is aimed at senior procurement professionals or heads of department.

What are CIPS qualifications?

A CIPS graduate diploma is a graduate level qualification which can be undertaken in a variety of flexible study options. This diploma could be considered a benchmark education programme for the purchasing and supply profession throughout the world.

Are CIPS qualifications worth it?

CIPS qualifications are highly regarded as the ideal training for procurement professionals of all levels, as they are accredited by the organisation that promotes and protects the high standards of the sector, and therefore it can be trusted that the training and knowledge acquired from these qualifications is of the …

How long does it take to get a CIPS qualification?

A CIPS Level 6 Professional Diploma has a total learning time of 600 hours, which ranges from a minimum of 12 to 14 months while working full time.

How much does a CIPS exam cost?

A CIPS Certificate generally costs between £1,000 and £1,500.

Is CIPS Level 4 a degree?

Outcome / Qualification etc. On successful completion of this training course, candidates will receive the CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply Operations, equivalent to a First year degree, HNC or NVQ Level 4.

Is CIPS diploma difficult?

As I mentioned before CIPS is very tough and requires a lot of study hours. Not only do Touchstone sponsor my CIPS tuition, they also give me a considerable amount of paid study leave each year.

Is the CIPS qualification difficult?

How difficult is CIPS?

What is the difference between CIPS and Mcips?

MCIPS stands for Member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. MCIPS status signifies that you are a fully qualified member of CIPS, and allows you to use the post-nominal letters ‘MCIPS’ after your name. MCIPS marks you out as a highly qualified and experienced purchasing professional.

Is CIPS a degree?

As a full member of CIPS (MCIPS) you will have achieved an internationally recognised award which represents the global standard within the profession for a procurement and supply professional. Studying for CIPS professional qualifications. An accredited degree.

When can you put CIPS after your name?

After Full Membership has been confirmed, you are able to use the designatory letters (MCIPS) after your name for as long as your membership remains current – should you fall in to suspense you will no longer be eligible to use them. Your new membership status will be referenced on CIPS Professional Register.