What is Cauline bud?

Complete answer: Some adventitious buds arise from extra-axillary positions on the stem, these are known as cauline buds. Buds are small, lateral and terminal protuberance on the stem of a vascular plant. It develops into a flower, leaf, or shoot.

What does Cauline mean?

: of, relating to, or growing on a stem and especially on the upper part.

What is Ramal and Cauline?

1. Cauline leaves – When the leaves are found on node of the stem, then they are called cauline leaves. 2. Ramal leaves – When leaves are found on branches, then they are called ramal leaves.

What are Cauline leaves?

Leaves are said to be cauline when they are attached to an above ground stem, like in this Sullivant’s milkweed Asclepias sullivantii. When the leaf blade is attached directly to the stem, that is, when there is no petiole, like here, the leaf is then called sessile.

What are the two types of buds?

Types of buds

  • terminal, when located at the tip of a stem (apical is equivalent but rather reserved for the one at the top of the plant);
  • axillary, when located in the axil of a leaf (lateral is the equivalent but some adventitious buds may be lateral too);

What is accessory bud?

: a bud growing near and in addition to a normal axillary bud.

What is radical bud?

These are root buds Found in plants where roots are used as reproductive organEx: Sweet Potato. Shobhita Surya. Jun 25, 2017. When a bud grows from roots is called as radical bud.

What is Bracteole in flower?

Noun. bracteole (plural bracteoles) (botany) A small leaf of leaf-like structure directly subtending a flower or inflorescence whose stalk itself is subtended by a bract. (botany) A bract subtending an individual flower rather than an inflorescence.

What is the leaf apex of Rose?

There are no definite function of leaf apex but in some plants it is modified to deliver a task and that is as spines in some xerophytes so that they can stand against herbivores. Usually it protects a small bud in its axil. Apex Squall is the blue race car. E.g., sweet pea (Lathyrus), pea (Pisum).

What is the function of stipulate?

1 : to make an agreement or covenant to do or forbear something : contract. 2 : to demand an express term in an agreement —used with for. transitive verb. 1 : to specify as a condition or requirement (as of an agreement or offer)

Where is the petiole on a plant?

The petiole is a stalk that connects the blade with the leaf base. The blade is the major photosynthetic surface of the plant and appears green and flattened in a plane perpendicular to the stem.

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