What is an artist rider contract?

An artist rider is a part of the performance contract that includes specifications to facilitate the artist’s performance. The catering rider provides information on non-technical requirements to support the artist’s performance, such as meals, transportation, accommodation, and size of the artist’s team.

What is a rider in music industry?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In theater, dance, and live musical performances, a rider is a set of requests or demands that a performer sets as criteria for performance, which are typically fulfilled by the hosting venue. Types of riders include hospitality and technical.

How do you add a rider to a contract?

Add the rider to the contract under the appropriate section, or add the rider at the end of the contract terms. Ask that all parties involved with the contract sign the rider. Signatures should go underneath the rider to make it clear that these changes have been agreed upon by everyone involved.

What is a rider legal?

In the legislative context, the U.S. Senate glossary describes rider as an “[i]nformal term for a nongermane amendment to a bill or an amendment to an appropriation bill that changes the permanent law governing a program funded by the bill.” That is, a rider is an amendment to a law or new law that is attached onto a …

What is a rider slang?

Rider: Anyone riding a motorcycle.

Why do celebrities have riders?

In a way, a rider is a great way to get a glimpse into the private lives of celebrities. For example, you probably never would have guessed that Christina Aguilera likes soy cheese and Flinstones chewable vitamins. The police escort she requests, however, comes as less of a surprise.

What is Taylor Swift’s rider?

Swift’s rider is equivalent to the common white girl’s grocery shopping list. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Twizzlers, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and Starbucks; what more could a girl want?

What is a rider for a celebrity?

An artist rider is part of the performance contract put together and signed by a performance artist and the event promoter. It outlines the criteria agreed upon in order to put on a performance. Its primary purpose is to make sure the artist is properly provided for during the event and during travel.

Is a rider legally binding?

Just like your original contract, a rider is a legally binding agreement. Because riders are typically introduced after the original contract is signed, all parties will need to review and approve the changes. Within the document, the rider will reference the original contract that it is modifying.

What is rider to contract of sale?

A rider is a document that addresses additional details, conditions, or terms of a contract. For example, in real estate, an attorney may draft a contract rider to supplement a standard Purchase and Sale Agreement. In this case, the rider may outline details such as: The date the property will be vacated by the seller.

What is a rider in jail?

Retained jurisdiction or “riders” are individuals whom the court has retained jurisdiction over sentenced to a period of incarceration in an IDOC facility. The IDOC assesses riders to determine their needs and places them in the appropriate facilities to receive intensive programming and education.

What is a CC rider Urban Dictionary?

CC meaning on Urban Dictionary. 3. The rider is a term for a sexual partner. “

What does it mean to have an artist rider?

The artist rider is quite simply the requests made by the performer as conditions of putting on a performance, and it is attached to the performance contract.

Do you have to have a rider on your contract?

Any agreement to permit recordation, reproduction, or transmission of this performance must be in writing and attached to this agreement as a rider in order to be binding upon the parties of this agreement. 11.

What does a rider do in the music industry?

She has worked in the music industry for over two decades. A rider is an addition to a contract. In the performing world, a rider specifies an artist’s requirements when performing at a venue. It may include specific expectations when it comes to hospitality, security, and technical equipment. Learn more about riders and how they work.

What do promoters need to know about riders?

If a promoter is putting the artist up in a hotel, artists can specify terms for those rooms and the number of rooms required. Adequate venue security is a must. It protects you, your personal items, and your equipment. Promoters typically cover the cost of security at an event, and the rider will address specific security needs.